China ceramic, tile, porcelaintile, glass mosaic tile, glass bricks...

China sanitary ware, sanitary appliances & bathroom taps

Import-export and sourcing Africa, China, India, Asia, Americas and Europe

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SCAC Network business partners examples


West Africa tropical goods sourcing

Ivory Coast coir products

Ivory Coast fresh organic coconuts

Senegal ornamental baobabs, baobab seeds and baobabs by products for cosmetics industry

South-Africa exporter of apples, pears, fresh grapes and citrus

Burkina Faso organic mangoes and other agro products
Ghana and Togo sweet Cayenne pineapples and solo papayas

West Africa typical frozen food products


Plastic and metal parts and tools subcontracting and production in China

China caustic soda, calcium hypochlorite, calcium carbonate & calcium carbide

China ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall  tiles

China sanitary ware and  faucets

South-East Asia staple goods and commodities from Singapore

Freezers, refrigerated showcases, refrigerators, ice cream machines ...

China natural hair or synthetic hair wigs, hair pieces, braids and other hair extensions

Thailand, Vietnam India, Pakistan rice direct supplier
London Rice Board Member

China tomato paste, corned beef, bouillon cubes & monosodium glutamate


Smoked herring, salted herring and alewife from Canada

Canada inflatable boats from 20 to 50 feet

Canada Asia exporter since 1972 of air conditioners and cooling products

Brazil sugar and other commodities such as yellow corn and soybean

Canada small portable sawmills and debarkers


Italy new and used soap making machines

Italy 2m3 and 23m3 professional solar powered driers

Best European animal nutrition products

All industrial packaging machines and supplies

Romania manufacturer of bakery ovens and bakery machinery for medium size and craft bakeries

European used mobile phones wholesaler

Belgium France frozen seafood and poultry exporter

Spain exporter of all drugs and pharmaceuticals from the European Union

Upscale white wines from Alsace winegrower family for over 3 centuries

The best Belgian beers contacts

Generic drugs, branded drugs, vaccines and pharmaceutical products

South-Africa apples, pears, fresh grapes, citrus & other fresh fruits Italy soap soap making machines Fresh and frozen seafood

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