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Romania processed cheese spread in individual portions

Romania processed cheese in portions

Offer for direct export of Romania processed cheese spread in portions

Fat content: 55% of the dry substance

Types of processed cheese:
processed cheese with cream
processed cheese with Emmenthal cheese
processed cheese with mushrooms
processed cheese with tomatoes and basil
processed cheese with green & red pepper
processed cheese with cucumber & dill
processed cheese with nuts

Shelf life: 4 months at storage temperature  2-8�C
Storage: the recommended storage temperature 2-8�C

Packing: 8 triangles x 17,5 gr/round box (140 gr), 36 boxes/carton box, 63 cartons / pallet.

Processed cheese Round boxes / carton Cartons /
Round boxes/
40� Reef

140 gr.
36 63 2,268 25

Loading port: Constanza (Black sea)

Delivery: within one month from receiving the L/C in good order.

Payment: TT in advance or by Irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit payable at sight against documents. 

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