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Sweet whey powder Polish quality

Located in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw, we act as export department for a range of Polish dairies, carefully selected for their performance and potential for growth. We are not just middlemen between the buyer and seller, we are agents with capability to offer one desk service for you, with no need for frustrating continuous research, negotiations, arrangements of visits etc

Our offer is as follows: weet whey powder Polish quality
Please pay attention to the contents of ash - unique technology!
Please pay attention to the contents of proteins.

Chemical Specifications

Lactose, min: 65%
Acidity, max: 0,2
Moisture, max: 4,0%
Total protein: 11%
Fat: 1%
Ash, max: 5.5%
Heavy metals  (arsen, lead, cadmium, zinc, Hg) [mg/kg]  max: Per current Ministry of Health / EU requirements
Contamination with antibiotics and other chemicals - Not acceptable

Biological Specifications

Coliform bacteria: None (10 /gr)
E-coli: None
Salmonella: None  (25/g)
Total microorganism in 30 deg C, in 1 g: not more than 30,000
Listeria monocytogenes: 0

Physical Specifications

Colour: white to creamy white
Flavour and odour: free from rancid, tallowy or other objectionable flavours
Country of origin: Poland
Minimum quantity: A full 20' container with aprox. 16 MT on pallets, 19 MT in bulk


Multi-wall paper bags with polyethylene liner of 25 kg net
24T in 20 ft container

Terms of Payment:

Prepayment required to reserve product.
For the first delivery we invite you to the factory, inspect the SWP, pay.
Delivery: Normally right away upon receipt payment

Documentation, certifications

Quality certificate
Trade ID certificate
Veterinary certificate
Packing list
Pro Forma Invoice


Samples are free of charge but DHL courier fees are at the expense of the buyer.

Sweet whey powder feed grade also available

Our reference to remind please: PL3860
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