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Morocco clothing industry offers ready to wear subcontracting or finished products

Our Marrakech factory is able to produce both subcontracting or finished product: clothing industry, dyeing, ennobling for small and large orders

Cutting department:
unique fabrics consummation optimization process (about 15% economy)
Dyeing department:
15 years experience, dyeing for each shop order or each customer order is available. Colours panel to measure studied in France.

All the different producing steps are computerized.
Quality and all the industry process are followed by French staff
Import and export are available.
We offer quality, prices and short delivery time.

Other competitive advantages:
Production to measure in what colour you want. Unique fabrics consummation optimization process
We use to always work with adaptability and reactivity because of our experience and our French attendance in our factory.
Custom duty between Morocco and USA, Canada or EEC more attractive than China.

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Mr Arnaud Lehoux
295 Quartier Industriel Sidi Ghanem
40000 Marrakech
Phone: +33 626 36 71 34
Fax: +33 534 27 30 11

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