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Madagascar uncut semiprecious stones, color stones for industry and mineralogy specimens

Established in 1955 our company is the first one in Madagascar to cut and polish ornamental and semi-precious stones. We offer for export 46 types of uncut semiprecious stones and uncut color stones such as agate, amethyst, corundum, jasper, opal, serpentine, tourmaline, feldspar, colored quartz, colored calcite ... All uncut stones are mined by ourselves

We supply industries such as computers manufacturers, TV sets manufacturers, glass industry, decoration industry, jewellery industry ...

We offer also for export Madagascar mineralogy specimens and high quality finished minerals products processed in our workshops; all our products meet the highest quality standards.

Madagascar uncut colored stones

 Fine grains Pink Calcite Grey banded agate Ice blue agate Amethyst
Apatite hessonite Petrified wood Agate cornelian Corundum
Graphic Feldspar Yellow Feldspar Large grains pink calcite Blue calcite
Cordierite Fluorite Garnet on matrix Matrix Jasper (Kambamba)
Green jasper Brown Feldspar Red Feldspar Rough mica
White opal Marine jasper Red jasper Fancy jasper
Red yellow jasper Smoky Quartz Hematoid Quartz Red hematoid Quartz
Blue Quartzite Green opal Quartz crystal Serpentine

Black Tourmaline

Purple quartz

Pink quartz

Madagascar minerals list and sizes

Over 500 MT in stock. All stones are classified in 3 grades
No minimum order but over 8MT the cheapest way is maritime container
Samples available: consult us about conditions

Madagascar mineralogy stones

Remind please our reference: MG3721
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