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Algeria cork stoppers

Algeria cork grains
Algeria cork stoppers
Algeria cork grains
Algeria cork stoppers

Located in Constantinne, Algeria, we offer for export natural cork grains stoppers quality Extra, A, B and C

Cork grains size 4/20mm to 4/16mm.

Cork stoppers length 44x24 mm and 38x24mm ± 0.5mm

Cork stoppers diameter 24mm ± 0.5mm

Algeria natural cork stoppers features

Grains Broken 4/20mm to 4/16mm from well boiled cork with new water after maximum 2 days

Cork stoppers maximum humidity 5 to 6%.

Typical cork with no smell and no taste

Cork stoppers free of any micoorganism

Homogenous batches.

Good impenetrability, good elasticity, stable in bottles, easy to cork and to crack open

Algeria natural cork stoppers samples

Samples available but courrier fees has to be paid first by the customer

Our exporter reference to remind please DZ4477
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