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Conakry Guinea sawn timbers

Our company is located in N'Zérékoré, in South-East of Guinea close the Ivory Coast. Because of the political situation during the past 50 years Guinea owns the most of tropical wood reserves in West Africa. We specialized in tropical wood forest operation, sawmilling industry and trade. We offer about 50 species of West Africa wood species sawn timbers


In the table below you will find the wood species for which we can offer sawn timbers. Consult us for the sizes.


Latin name & commercial names in French


1 Afzelia africana  Lingué
2  Afzelia bipidensis Doussié
3 Aningeria robusta, A. altissima Aniégré
4 Albizzia  ferruginia Iatandza
5 Antiaris toxicaria, A.africana Ako
6 Bombax costatum Kapokier
7 Canarium schweinfurthii Aiélé
8 Cedrela odorata Cedrela
9 Ceiba pentandra  Fromager
10 Chlorophora excelsa, Chlorophora regia Iroko
11 Daniellia klainei Faro
12 Daniellia oliveri Santan
13 Distemonanthus benthamianus Movingui
14 Entandrophragma angolense Tiama
15 Entandrophragma candollei Kosipo
16 Entandrophragma cylindricum Sapelli
17 Entandrophragma utile Sipo
18 Eribroma oblonga, Sterculia oblonga Eyong
19 Erythrophleum ivorense Tali
20 Fagara heitzii Olon
21 Gambea ssp Akatio
22 Gmelina arborea Gmelina
23 Guarea cedrata Bossé
24 Hellea ciliata, Mitragyna stipulosa Bahia, Abura
25 Isoberlinia doka Sau
26 Khaya ivorensis, K.anthotheca Acajou d’Afrique, African Mahagony
27 Khaya senelensis Caïcedrat
28 Lophira alata Azobé
29 Lovoa trichilioïdes Dibetou
30 Mansonia altissima Bété, Mansonia
31 Morus maesozygia Difou
32 Nauclea diderrichii Bilinga, Badi, Bois d’or, Popo
33 Nesogordonia papavifera Kotibé
34 Parkia bicolor Néré
35 Piptadeniastrum africanum Dabema
36 Petersia africana Abale
37 Ptericarpus erinaceus Vène
38 Pterocarpus soyauxii Padouk
39 Pterygota macrocarpa Koto
40 Pycnanthus angolensis Ilomba
41 Tarretia utilis Niangon
42 Rhodognafalon brevicuspe Kondroti, Alone
43 Tarretia utilis Niangon
44 Terminalia ivorensis Framiré
45 Terminalia superba Fraké, Limba
46 Triplochiton scleroxylon Samba, Obéché, Ayous
47 Turraeanthus africana Avodiré

For any reques remind please our reference GN4190 or Guinea sawn timbers
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