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Tunisia clothing subcontracting

Ready-to-wear clothing design department  in Tunis

Clothing design department in Tunis Clothing assembly line

We are Tunis company specialized in the production of ready-to-wear clothes such as trousers, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirt in denim, warp and woof and stitch for man, woman, child.

The society has, today, positioned itself in the clothing industry. Each market is subject to a specific offer conforming to the requirements of our customers and fully controlled by our technical know-how.

As part of a strategy of opening abroad, the society has chosen to develop strong relations with foreign firms to set up a narrow collaboration covering the domain of ready-to-wear clothes. Indeed, we work with many foreign customers such as G�rard Darel, Maje, Celio, and CWF... And we seek to diversify our partners of businesses. For that, we offer our services for better report quality / price and delivery in desired date.

The strong points of our predisposition are:

� Assure a quality optimum thanks to an experience highly skilled.

� Have a production capacity allowing being reagent on any type of quantity.

� Use the best technologies to answer requirements always more evolved of the customers.

� Respect the delivery time

Our company is endowed with a working team qualified and motivated thanks to a continuing training to be up to date in front of technological and cognitive evolutions in the field of clothing industry.

The society acquired a knowledge being enough for taking on any type of subcontracting. The numerous workshops of serigraphy and embroidering allow the ennoblement of products before exporting them towards several countries of the world.

It can intervene at various levels: sourcing, monitoring collection and production, monitoring orders, quality control, dispatching, management of accessories and materials

The company has for vocation to insure the logistic and technical link of any ready-to-wear clothing brands in order to make and realize the various collections and productions.

The company is provided with an research department in order to insure: drawing and technical details, sheet wrapping, sheet enhancement, measurement sheet, price sheet and a fleet of machines that exceeds 800 machines.

We are fully at your disposal for more information and we'll consider very carefully any request for subcontracting. Our services are guaranteed with competitive prices.

Clothing cutting line Ready-to-wear clothing workshops

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Our reference to remind please: TN4015

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