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Egypt fresh fruits and vegetables for exportation

Citrus packing house in Egypt Citrus packing house in Egypt Citrus packing house in Egypt

Established in 1975 in Alexandria we are one of the biggest fruits and vegetables producer & exporter companies in Egypt. Having our packing house for citrus, we produce 500 pallets per day with a packing designed to offer maximum protection to our fruits.

We are well know with our brands and the company holds certificates HACCP, IFS, and BRC

Our range of products includes citrus, fresh grape, melons, watermelons, pomegranates, artichokes, fresh dates, semi dry dates, green and violet artichokes, red onions, gold onions, sweet potatoes, pumpkins ...

Main products export periods and packaging


Navel oranges:
Sizes: 48/56/64/72/80/88/100
From November to end of January.

Valencia oranges:
Sizes: 48/56/64/72/80/88/100
From February to end of May.

Baladi oranges (for juice)
from November to January

Sukkary oranges (sweet oranges)
from December to February

Adalia lemon
Starting December À
From May to July

Grape fruit [white variety]
From January to February

All citrus packed in 15kg net weight cartons [telescopic or open top] or binz

 Other fruits

Fresh grape
from May to August
Crimson seedless
Red globe
Regal variety
packed in 5kg gross weight cartons each holds 10 punnets of 500g each

Crimson & skata watermelons
from may to September
packed in20- 22kg net weight cartons or it can be packed in bins 500kg n.w/ 550kg g.w

Gallia melon variety majunda
from May to June
packed in 5kg gross weight open top cartons

Water melon on May

from August to October
packed in 4.5 kg net weight open top cartons

Red & yellow fresh dates
from July to November

Semi dry dates
from July to November.
packed in 5kg net weight cartons with 10 punnets of 500 g each


Red onion and golden onions
from March to September
Packed in orange or red bags each 10 kg or 25kg net weight

Green and violet artichokes
packed in wooden boxes each 25/30 pieces
From December to April

from June to August
in bins each 550 kg net weight

Sweet potatoes
in 7.5kg net weight cartons (40� FCL = 2800 cartons)

Examples of Egypt fruits and vegetables with export packaging

Egypt Navel Orange
Oranges Oranges Navel Orange (caracara)
Crimson water melon Water melon bin Water melon cartons
Red onions Red onions carton Yellow onions nets
Red grape in plastic box Fresh grape in carry bag Fresh grape carry bags in carton
Red fresh dates Yellow fresh dates Semi dry dates 1

Semi dried dates 2

Semi dried date packaging 2

Semi dried date packaging 1
Melons Melons Pomegranates
Lemon Lime Mandarines

Other fruits and vegetables

Peppers Sweet potatoes Peaches

Our reference to remind please: Egypt-fruits

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