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Cameroon and Central Africa hardwoods and softwoods for export

Cameroon logs for export

We are a Cameroon exporter of Tropical Wood. (Hardwoods, Softwoods) with a branch in the USA. Main species we export are Iroko, Sapelli, Sipo, Moabi, Pachyloba, Wenge, Padouk, Doussie, Movingui, Ayous, Tali, Frake, Azobe, Bubinga, Dabema, Zingana, Mahogany Tree, Bete, Eben, Cam Rosa. Consult us for other ones

Our corporate offer

1.Product:   African Tropical Wood. (Hardwoods, Softwoods)
2.Quality: Sawn wood / Logs (Promotion Species)
 3.Origin: Cameroon and Central African Countries.
4.Technical specification:  According to purchaser´┐Żs needs.
5.Quantities and prices: consult us
6.Orders: The buyer issues a confirmed order for the total volume (cubic meters/ board feet) per month, for the period of the contract, renewable.                     
7.Delivery: FOB Douala port, First Delivery will be 180 days from the date of Bank  guarantee, Letter of Credit reception by the seller's Bank.(First Delivery)
8.Inspection: By an International recognized surveyor Company (SGS or other equivalent) mutually accepted by the parties.
9.Shipment / Insurance: On charge of purchaser.
10.Guarantee:   By a Stand-by irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit during contract period, Bank Guarantee, or other Bank Instrument from Prime Bank of USA, Western Europe or Canada.
11.Payment: CAD (Cash Against Documents) or monthly  revolving Letter of Credit  issued by a Prime Bank from USA, Western Europe or Canada.

Our reference to remind please: CM3783
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