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Morocco bred improver for tropical areas and for frozen French style baguettes bred

We produce for over 20 years bred improvers in bulk or in doses to process 50kg flour bags.

We offer:
1. special bred improver for tropical areas
2. bred improver to produce frozen French style ''baguettes''.
3. Organic bred improver

Qualities and specifications
Composition of a bottle or a powder sachet: emulsifying E 472 (datem) and enzymes

The pastes kneaded with our bred improver tolerates 3%de more water than the pastes kneaded with conventional bred improver. Results: 10 ��baguettes�� more by 100 kilos of flour

Quality standard
US FDA standards
Products certified NAFDAC commonwealth

Conditioning / packing
Food bottles or aluminium sachets
Net with the packing of the paper box 7.7 kg - gross weight 9.70 kg
14 units per paper box
1210 paperboards per containers 20'.
2420 paperboards per container 40'
No pallets but bulk loading in the container=

FOB delivery time: 30 days after order

Loading and shipping: Boukhalef free trade zone and Tanger port

Libya export buses and trucks

Mandatory to remind the reference: MA3528
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