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Morocco herbs, medicinal plants, aromatic plants and essential oils

Morocco herbs, medicinal plants, aromatic plants and essential oils

Located in Marrakech, Morocco, our company is specialized in the production and exportation of selected seeds, herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils.
We export presently, to Europe, North America, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.
Our main concern is to acquire a distinguished corporate image in the international market.

Herbs, Medicinal & Aromatic plants:

� Verbena: standard, leaves & sifting .

� Mint: leaves & sifting.

� Rose: Standard, petals & rosebuds .

� Sage: standard & sifting.

� Iris roots, Pyretre & fennel.

� Thyme, Rosemary & Oregano.

� Oak moss, cedar moss.

� Cypress

� Spergularia Rubra, Penny royal.

� Eucalyptus leaves, Bitter Orange leaves , Olive leaves.

� Sweet orange peel & Bitter Orange peel.

� Heather, coriander seeds, Chaste tree berries.

� Ghassoul (natural clay) and other products according to your requirements.

Essential Oils:

� Thyme, Rosemary & Oregano

� Penny royal

� Warm wood

� Verbena

� Laurel

� Cedar

� Cypress

� Eucalyptus

� Myrtle

More products are available; please don�t hesitate to contact us for any product you are looking for.

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