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Sawn west African hardwoods timbers

Red apa/Doussie




Our incorporated companys main area of business is trading in the export of timber i.e. teak wood, gmelina wood, iroko ...

We are a member of various trading bodies i.e Nigerian-Canada Business Association, the authenticity of the company has been verified and the company registered with the United States of America dept of Commerce.

The Company has in a bid to support its wood factory and Export operations acquired various forest concessions within Nigeria. We obtained letter of support from Federal Forestry Dept in the Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja, Nigeria, and Export Permit from Nigeria Export Promotion Council and Registration of ASYCUDA with Nigeria Customs service and other relevant Government agencies.

Upon request we provide our complete company profile and business references overseas

Examples of sawn African hardwoods timbers to supply

Ekki-azobe (lophira alata)
Red apa/Doussie (afzelia spp)
Okan (Cylicodiscus Gabunensis)
Afromosia/shedun (Pericopsis elata)
Obeche/Wawa/Simba (triptoclitan sceroxylon)
Afara/Frake/Limba (terminalia supraba)
Mahogany (khaya Ivorensis)
Tali/Erun (erythrophyleum spp)
Eku/Okwen (brachystrgia spp)

Export information

Origin: Nigeria
Source: managed forest
Quality: FAS, air dried.
Quantity: buyers request.
Sizes: cut to buyers
Specification (strips, planks, blocks, flitches, scantlings and railways leppers ... ).
FOB delivery time: 30days
Payment: irrevocable, confirmed, tranferable,100% sight letter of credit by a first class world bank.
Performance guarantee: seller to issue a 2% performance bond for buyer to issue LC after signing of contracts both parties.

Ref to remind please NG3400
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