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Plants, herbs and essential oils from Egypt

We are Egyptian organic growers and exporters of plants, herbs and 14 different natural oils. The main lines of production are essential oils and herbal oils. The company possesses a modern oil distillation plant & a fully equipped laboratory. Our company commitment to continuous research & development has helped to produce quality products both to the local and international markets.
Our seasonal products are always exported fresh and hygienically packed

Season for products:

1- Aloe Vera (Powder) (dried chips) (resin)
2- Anise (seeds)
3- Artemisia (crushed)
4- Basil (crushed) (leaves)
5- Bitter Apple or Bitter guard (powder)  (fruits)
6- Calendula (flower) (petals)
7- Capsicum or Hot pepper (pods)  (powder)
8- Caraway (seeds)
9- Celery (seeds)
10- Chamomile (flower) (powder) (seeds)
11- Chicory (crushed) (roots)
13- Cilantro (leaves)
14- Coriander (seeds)
15- Cumin (seeds)
16- Dill (weed) (seeds)
17- Fennel (seeds) (roots)
18- Fenugreek (seeds)
20- Lemon grass (3 : 5 cm sticks)
21- Liquorices (roots) (crushed)
22- Marjoram (crushed)
23- Nigella (seeds)
24- Parsley (crushed)
25- Peppermint (crushed) (leaves)
26- Sage or Salvia officinalis (leaves) (stems)
27- Senna (crushed) (pods)
28- Spearmint (crushed) (leaves)
29- Turmeric or Moghat (roots)
30- Thyme (crushed)
31- Verbasicum (flower)

Garlic Cloves and Garlic Sprouts, (seasonal) during February and March.

Natural Oils

1- Almond Oil
2- Caraway Oil
3- Castor Oil
4- Cress Oil
5- Cumin Oil
6- Eucalyptus Oil
7- Fennel Oil
8- Fenugreek Oil
9- Garlic Oil
10- Lettuce Oil
11- Mint Oil
12- Nigella Oil
13- Onion Oil
14- Sesame Oil

Natural Oils Exporting Terms And Conditions:

1-    The Minimum Packing  of oil  products are 20 Liters or 25 kg concerning Aloe Vera extract.

2-    All prices sales are in USD per liter.

4-    All prices are FOB Cairo Airport

5-   Payment : is accepted with an unrestricted,  irrevocable, confirmed L/C issued from a First  Prime Bank of 100% of the total value of goods payable at sight.

6-      Shipment of any order will be within ten days of accepting the L/C.

Our reference to remind: EG2344
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