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Egypt frozen artichokes for export

Frozen artichokes from Egypt for export

Since 1932, our family is owner of an agricultural land of 350 acres located in the only area in Egypt where artichokes are grown. This is some 30 Km south of Alexandria. Since then, artichokes have been always grown in this land. In 1985, we erected the first artichokes fully mechanized packinghouse for sorting, sizing, packing. Fresh artichokes were exported by airfreight and reefer containers by sea freight. In 1988, we introduced artichokes pre-cooling facilities. This was the first and the unique one in Egypt. We produce and export: frozen bottoms (crowns), frozen hearts, frozen stuffing bottoms

Products information

  • We process only the most precious artichokes variety.
    This is the violet variety with its magnificent accentuated taste and aroma, and special pleasing texture with its characteristic conical shape
    Guaranteed fresh: 
    • Within 3 hours from picking, the artichokes are packed frozen. 
  • Outstanding sizing: 
    • The size is not a range of diameters but one exact diameter. 
    • Each diameter is packed in a separate carton. 
    • We have a size every 4 millimeters. 
  • Careful selection: 
    • In 4 different stages in the processing line guarantees elimination of defects. 

Taste, aroma, texture, shape and colour are carefully kept and done by state-of-the-art machinery and well studied processing procedures by: 

  • No preservatives are added.
  • Meticulous high quality vapor and water continuous blanching on inox wire mesh belt. 
  • Extra fast precooling. 
  • Speedy forced air IQF freezing on laser shaped panels.
  • Uniform shape done with Sophisticated trimming and cleaning machines. 
  • Balanced bottoms, beautiful presentation. They keep their horizontal position and never lean on their side, This gives them an attractive look when they are arranged in the dish. 
  • Colour is an attractive uniform natural white.

Reference to remind: EG1020 artichokes
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