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Export Forum welcomes China is, since 1989, dedicated to global import-export and sourcing with specialized sections for all continents. We focus mainly on Africa, China, India, Southeast Asia, South-America & Europe products. To reach easily Africa and all the 56 French speaking markets all offers are translated into French.

Most of the 5000 products are precisely described and over 25,000 photos are available to facilitate business.

This forum is updated daily by SCAC Network partners and we welcome customers from over 165 countries.

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As we manage Web pages for for over 13 years we apologize if sometimes the products information or contact seems not to be up-to-date. Feel free to contact us to inform us and we'll do our best for you.

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It's a free an unlimited service, including the translation of offers from English into French. We only require very precise offers to sell or requests to buy. To send a sale offer to Export-forum implies explicitly the sender of this sale proposal agrees to pay a commission to SCAC Network for any sale done to a customer from our web sites if SCAC Network business services assistance is provided..Conditions and success fees

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To avoid fake offers or malicious contacts some requests of products are subject to restrictions required by the buyer. To send a request of contact implies explicitly the sender agrees to pay a commission to SCAC Network for any sale done to a customer from our web sites if SCAC business services assistance is provided. Conditions and success fees

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If you understand French it could be useful to read new offers and other pages in French as some of them are not translated into English because they are mainly targeted towards the 56 countries and states which use French including 21 African countries, France, Canada, Belgium, Swiss, Luxemburg, Haiti, French West Indies, Reunion island, New Caledonia, Tahiti... Recent offers in French. Except the above limitation we translate for free into French all trade offers and requests we receive in English.

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