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Sunflower oil for worlwide deliveries

Sunflower oil for export
Sunflower oil packaging
12 x 1L
Master carton

We supply directly from the Netherlands up to 3500 MT monthly and over of high quality refined sunflower oil in all types of packaging.


Sunflower oil general specifications


Sunflower oil general specifications


Packaging options


Pet bottle 1.2.3 Litres

Tins bidons m├ętal 5-10-15-20 litres

HDPE Jerry cans 5-10-17-20-25 litres

Can in box 15-20 litres

Steel drums 210 litres

Plastic drums 210 litres

IBC containers 600 - 1.000 litres

Flexi thank 22 MT


OEM service available with buyers label


Sunflower oil export conditions


Delivery time: 4-5 days within Europe and 7-15 days out of Europe.


Inspection: SGS


Our delivery terms is CIF meaning we take care of the transportation from our place of loading to your place of discharge .


Minimum order for sea deliveries: 1 x 20 feet container

Trucks deliveries: max 22 MT per truck

Brussels export office contact

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