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Italy solar powered driers for fish, fruits, vegetables and plants 

0.3m3 to 23m3 Italy professional and household solar driers for herbs, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat drying

Italy solar powered drier for fish and fruits
2m3 solar powered dryer

We are a Modena area manufacturer of solar powered driers of 0.3M3, 2,0m3 and 23m3 with very competitive prices. Our new concept of solar drying, its ability to operate even in very limited conditions of sunshine, while ensuring a good degree of drying of products, makes it a device from the unique characteristics. Great load capacity together with the total space reduced, make it an important element to obtain significant productions in vicinity of cultivation of products.

This feature allows a rapid processing of products, increasing its overall quality, avoiding exposing them to mouldings processes caused by their storage long before the treatment, reducing the cost of transport of the semi-finished product, which can be started directly to the packaging.

The drying process takes place in a shielded from solar radiation in current air electronically controlled environment, this allows you to have products from the special characteristics, rich colors, flavours and original perfumes.

Drying room variable configuration enables the processing of products from disabilities, ensuring a proper process of drying for each type of product.

The electronic temperature control ensures a high quality standard, safeguarding the organoleptic characteristics ofproducts, protecting them from unwanted and harmful warming up.

The device uses the energy of the Sun to heat the air necessary to the drying process, then requires a good exposure to the Sun, while however, the internal conformation of the device is designed in such a way as to be effective even with reduced exposure to the Sun, then the continuous drying process also during the night.

The amount of energy required for its operation is deliberately reduced to allow installing also isolated rural areas where there isn't the possibility of having a connection to the mains.

The robust structure of the device and the ability to be powered in low voltage and consumption reduced, allows you to install the device in marginal areas adjacent to the area of cultivation of products, the 2m3 control system can be powered by a simple car battery or a PV system that makes completely autonomous and installable everywhere.

Inside the 2m3 solar drier possible introduce up to 7 trays 95x95cm with a total surface of 6.3sqm

2m3 solar dryer technical data

2 m3 solar powered dryer
Size specifications: 110 x 110 x 200 cm
Weight: 150 Kg
T typical essic. 50 ° C
Air flow: 1800 nm3 h max
Thermal Nominal power: 4 K w (Power measured with 1000 W/m2 of sunshine)
Power: 12 volt
Ass. Electrical: 50W

Electricity needed to operate the control system can be provided by an optional photovoltaic system or by a simple 12 volts car battery.

Photovoltaic system. Made in Italy, CE aproval
Size 100 x 160cm and height about 100cm
Weight: 110kg

Solar collectors both sides

23m3 solar dryer special features

The use of high capacity fans allows to maintain a good air exchange and the use of particular radial fans, placed inside, allow good air distribution among the products. Using high efficiency and duration fans greatly reduces the need for maintenance.

The 23m3 solar is empty as its wide size 590 x 210 x 190 cm allows the user to customize the inside lay-out according his exact needs.

23m3 solar dryer technical data

23m3 solar powered dryer
External sizes : 600 x 220 x 220 cm
Inside sizess: 590 x 210 x 190 cm
Weight: 700kg
Typical essic. 40 ° C
Air flow minimum 2000 m3/h max 4000 m3/h
Radial fans: speed1 900 m3/h; speed2 1800 m3/h
Thermal Nominal power: 10 Kw (Power measured with 1000 W/m2 of sunshine)
Power: 220 Vac
Ass. Electrical: 400W

The air is heated by 4 solar collectors located on the bottom of the solar drier.

The air trap to suck-in the the ouside air is located on the bottom of the solar drier, above the doors.
Inside the solar drier 4 fans are setted on the back to fan and clear out the air; 2 fans are setted on the ceiling of the solar drier to complete the fan. .

Electricity needed to operate the control system and the 6 fans can be provided by an optional photovoltaic system we highy recommand or by an external electricity source (12v AC, 400W) such as a generator or the local electric network.

Photovoltaic system Made in Italy, CE aproval
12v AC, 500W
Size 10 x 200 x 100cm
Weight: 230kg

23M3 solar powered dryer
4 solar collectors on the bottom

Doors on the right side
Air trap on the right side on the roof


ventilateurs hautes performances
ventilateurs hautes performances
4 fans on the back
2 ceiling fans

Important information / option for the 23m3 solar dryer

To save money the customer can provide himself a container with size about 600 x 220 x 220 cm. It could be an old 20' maritime container or any other container in any material except plastic.
In this case we can supply
1) Kit 1 with the 4 solar collectors + fans + the thermal control unit
2) Optional kit 2 if no external power source: the photovoltaic system made in Italy, 500 W x 12 V, CE aproval , Size 10 x 200 x 100cm, Weight: 230kg

Small household and professional 0.30m3 solar dryer

0,30M3 solar drier in a car
0.3m3 solar drier open
0.3m3 solar drier foded in a car
0.3m3 solar drier back

Very popular in Italy and Africa this solar drier for professional and domestic uses allow to dry naturally and in a short time plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fish...

Specifications: *
Load capacity: 5 Kg approximately (depending the raw product)
Drying time: 5 hours (with shrubs grass type medical) **
Temp. drying: 35-50 ° C
Air volume produced: 40 Nm3/h/m2
Average return: 75 %
Footprint size: Open: 95 x 45 x 150
Folded: 100 x 45 x 65



* measures carried out with 1000 w/m2 of sunshine
** The drying times vary and depend on the characteristics of processed products and their ability to retain water, in addition to the available

0.30m3 solar dryer technical draw

Drying occurs because hot air produced by the solar collector (2) drawing air from outside (1) the heats and come into the drying chamber (3), the moisture-laden air is expelled from opening (4).

Drying then takes place to the intense flow of air, this allows to achieve a high degree of drying quickly, safe from weather and other factors that could damage the product.

The maximum temperature of the drying chamber never exceeds 50 ° C, this allows the maintenance of essential oils and organoleptic properties of treated products.

The use of polycarbonate in the walls of the drying chamber (3), besides giving excellent strength and durability, it makes a good shield against UVA radiation, allowing a good preservation of color and organoleptic.

0,30M3 solar drier

The solar drier frame is in wood and treated with pastel paint and varnishes raw water with 3 optional colors: green, black and red.

Examples of solar drying

Below a batch drying in the 2m3 solar drier in North of Italy during March
3 days to get a 16-18% humidity and a weight loss of 90% with only maximum sun of 1000 watts per sqm

Solard dried melon
Solar dried peaches
Solar dried sardines
Solard dried melon
Solar dried peaches
Solar dried sardines

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