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Italy high speed electronic soap cutter

Italy high speed electronic soap cutter

Italy high speed electronic soap cutter, infeed side Italy high speed electronic soap cutter, discharge side
Infeed side Discharge side

Manufactured near Milano our machine is the fastest electronic soap cutter on the market

It is a fully electronic cutter suitable for any line speed. A novel design with a rotating blade directly coupled to the servo-driven motor shaft assures very accurate cuts for high-speed operations. Because of the extremely small cutting interval there is no need of a horizontal movement of the blade that starts and stops each cycle.

The main features are:
- High speed operations independently by billet thickness.
- Inertia of the system is the minimum possible allowing continuous motor starts and stops at very high rate.
- Through blade (passing blade): the blade cuts the soap and then passes through a very narrow gap (1)
- Minimum noise for absence of mechanical driving mechanisms.
- Minimum maintenance, no lubrication.

- Maximum Cutting Speed Range: 300 to 400 cuts/minute
- Maximum Cutting Thickness: 90 mm
- Maximum Recycle Frequency: 1,500 cuts/minute (2)
- Maximum Billet Speed: 40 m/minutes (3)
- Installed Power: 2,5 kW
- Net Weight: 280 Kg
- standard sizes in mm but can be customized

(1) Through blade (passing blade)

The blade cuts the soap and then passes through a very narrow gap. The majority of the modern cutters are of "guillottine" type: a single blade starts from the top and cut the soap down; when the soap is completely cut, the blade immediately stops and raises again to the top position for the next cut. Practically the useful motion is only when going down, while the return is just necessary to reset the blade position. The blade of our soap cutter does not stop when it finishes to cut the soap but it passes through a small gap below the soap. The blade actually rotates always in the same direction. The big advantage is that once the blade has finished to cut it disappears through the gap instead of stopping and start raising as for the other competitive cutters. Each of the competitive cutters has a continuous pvc belt on the bottom of the soap and the blade almost touches it when finishing to cut (like when you cut a salami, the blade must reach the bottom) while our cutter has a small aperture in the bottom, practically there is an infeed belt conveyor and a separated outfeed belt conveyor so that the blade can pass through the conveyors

(2) Maximum Recycle Frequency: 1,500 cuts/minutes

This is a secondary feature. The recycle mode is not the operational mode but is useful when the down-stream machine is stopped. Practically the cutter operates at a maximum frequency when in recycle mode and our soap cutter is by far the fastest. In any case the operating speed is what the customer looks for.

(3) Maximum Billet Speed: 40 m/minutes

This is a more technical parameter. Considering that there are infinite combinations of applications (small slugs extruded by the plodder at high speed, big slugs extruded at reduced speed, etc.) It is practically impossible to give a performance that is always valid. Therefore one thing that the end-user sometime asks is what is the maximum speed of the extruded soap that can be successfully handled by the cutter independently by the cutting rate. 40 meters per minute means more than 650 mm per second and this is usually considered a very high extrusion speed since soap fibers does not like to be extruded very very fast and in case of higher productions usually there is a dual-lane extrusion (two parallel slugs existing from the plodder).

Videos sent upon request

Video 1: Big soaps
the soap cutter operates at 220 cycles/min cutting big soaps of 400 gr. Producing about 5.3 tons/h of soap (220 cuts/min. X 400 gr. X 60 minutes); this speed was not even its limit for this soap
Video 2: Standard soaps
The speed can be higher, up to 400 cuts/minute

Soap cutter machine details

Italy high speed electronic soap cutter, discharge side Italy high speed electronic soap cutter, infeed side
Discharge side details Infeed side details

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