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Italy soap cartoners and soap packaging machines

Soap packaging options
Standard wrap, carton box & flow pack

Our soap packaging machines includes soap cartoners but also soap wrappers, soap over-wrapping, etc

Usually we sell Marchesini, IWCA and CAM soap cartoners
We have also studied and invented some "Transfer". We buy used cartoners; then we rebuild them and then we add our ��Transfer to feed these fully rebuilt soap cartoners.

Toilet Soap Transfer Units (automatic soap feeders) can be applied to different packaging machines: continuous motion cartoners, flow (pillow) wrappers, traditional wrappers and bundlers (over-wrappers). With design adjustments we can supply units for so many different available brands. Performances vary from 150 to 300 cycles per minute.

Example of Marchesini soap cartoner to pack soap pieces in small carton box


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