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Italy small soap making machines

Italy small soap making machines

To allow small companies, artisans and individuals to start easily a soap production everyhere with a very affordable budget we offer Small Soap Finishing Lines able to produce 25 kg per hour of extruded soap.

Small Soap Finishing Lines

We supply Complete Small Soap Finishing Line, as well as single Small Soap Machines to small companies and artisans. This lines and machines are studied to work with SOAP NOODLES The standard Small Soap Finishing Line, is composed by an automatic Mixer, able to mix up to 15 Kg of soap noodles with perfume and colors per batch, a Simplex Plodder/Extruder to refine and extrude the soap bar, and a Manual Soap Press. Soap Manual Soap Mixer can be used for few capacity, while the automatic Mixer 30kg is used when there is the necessity to amalgamate additional components that required more mixing time.

The SOAP NOODLES, perfume and colors are mixed inside the Soap Mixer for a variable time of  8-15 minutes, depending from the coloring intensity. After the mixing, the soap base is ready to be refined and extruded by means of the Soap Extruder (also called Soap Plodder) ; the extruded long soap bar is cut by hand (or by an our Manual Soap Cutter), then the cut soap bars are ready to be stamped using our Manual Soap Press.

We can studied customized solutions as per Customers requests, also for small extruders for Toilet WC blocks / Rim blocks and small extruders for Modelling Clay and Modelling Dough.

The 3 elements of the small soap finishing line

Small soap finishing line components

Small soap mixer

15kg batch electric soap mixer
15kg batch soap mixer
Soap noodles in the
30kg batch soap mixer

Description: The Soap Mixer is designed to amalgamate Soap Noodles with Colours and Perfume.

The batch time can vary from 8 to 15 minutes, depend from the colours intensity of your soap. The blades are designed with the same shape used in industrial soap manufacturer.

The discharge of the product is done by means the reverse tank.

We supply 3 models: one manual 5kg batch soap mixer and two electric soap mixers for 15kg and 30kg batches

Small soap mixers technical data

Manual Soap mixer
Capacity: 5 Kg/batch - 14 lbs/batch (Pounds)
Tank manufactured in stainless steel

Soap Mixers 15kg & 30kg
15kg model: Capacity: 15 Kg/batch - 44 lbs/batch (Pounds)
15kg model: Installed Power: 0,75 kW (1 HP)
30kg model: Capacity: 30 Kg/batch - 88 lbs/batch (Pounds)
30kg model: Installed Power: 1,1 kW (1,5 HP)
Tank manufactured in stainless steel
Industrial Gearbox with motor
Electrical panel with push buttons
Safety cover on the hopper with microswitch
Discharge by means of reverse tank
Electrical supply: 200/230/400, V 50/60 Hz

Small soap extruder

Description: The Soap extruder (also called Soap Plodder) is designed for a double function. The first one to refine/mix/homogenize (with the Drilled Plate) the mixture of soap noodles + perfume + color, coming and the second one is to extrude (with the Extrusion Cone) the ready to cut soap.

The soap extruder gets a cooling system which allows to work continuously without decrease the capacity, as it is in the soap extruder without circulating cooling system.

Standard model capacity up to 100 Kg/h Maximum output: Ø 60 mm (2.36")
2 options:
Adjustable Screw Speed (Electrical Panel with Frequency Inverter to adjust the speed of the screw from 10 to 35  r.p.m.)
Special BIG cone: his special cone, thanks a maximum output of Ø 90mm, was studied to produce big soap bars. The cone is heated by means an electrical heater.

We produce 2 soap extruder models:

One Soap Extruder model has an extrusion cone with a maximum output of Ø45 mm. This Soap Extruder model is good to extruded Hotel (or small) soap bars.
One Soap Extruder modelhas an extrusion cone with a maximum output of Ø60 mm. This Soap Extruder model is good to extruded Toilet or Laundry soap bars.

Small soap extruder technical data

Soap extruder screw
Soap extruder screw

Capacity: up to 100 Kg/h
Manufacture in stainless steel
Screw speed: 24 rpm at 50 Hz and 28 rpm at 60 Hz
Installed power: 1,5 kW (2 HP)
Heated extrusion cone
Double Jacket to cool the machine with Water with inlet and outlet of 1/2"G
Thermometer to measure the Water Cooling Temperature
Electrical panel with push buttons
Safety grid on the hopper
Including a shaping plate as per customer specifications.
Maximum output: Ø 60 mm (2.36")
Electrical supply: 200/230/400 Volts, 50/60 Hertz

2 models are available

Small soap press & accessories

Description: Our Manual Soap Press (also called Soap Stamper) is designed to stamp rectangular soap bars in bandless or banded soap bars for Toilet and Hotel soaps.

Bandless and banded soap bars
Bandless and banded soap bars

This soap press works with a Force of 5,000 N, sufficient to stamp rectangular, oval and round soap bars up to 125 grams. For small Hotel soap bars, it is possible to use also a 2 cavities (double) die-set / mould, to produce 2 soap per stroke.

Small soap press technical specifications

Maximum Stroke with Mould Assembled: 60mm.
Maximum force: 5,000 N (500 Kg).
Basement prepared to assemble the lower mold.
Rack device prepared to assemble the upper mold.
Adjustable bottom dead point, to regulate the right distance between the upper and lower molds.

We include, depending from customer request, one of the following two options:

1. a complete die-set (mold) to produce stamped soap bars (like Palmolive): 1 lower and 1 upper moulds with centring pins, as per customer specifications (weight, dimensions and shape).

Complete die-set to produce stamped soap bars
Complete die-set (mold) to produce stamped soap bars
1 lower and 1 upper moulds with centring pins

2. An Insert to print the soap bars with Logo or the name, as per Customer Specification.

Insert to print the soap
Insert to print the soap

Raw materials

To start to produce soap bars using our machines, we can supply a special Kit composed by:
- 2 tons of Soap Noodles
- 3 colorings
- 1 soap perfume

In collaboration with one of the biggest Worldwide Company of oleochemical products, like raw material and semi-finished products for cosmetic industries and soap factories, we can supply:
- Soap Noodles
- Coloring and Fragrances for soap manufacturing

Nota: it is possible to add to the soap noodle 3% maximum of natural components such as shea butter, olive oil, sweet almonds oil or essential oils.

Reminder: all machines can be purchased separately

Small soap machine plant running video

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