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France river and sea hydraulic power units and marine hydraulic cranes

France sea and river works hydraulic power units and marine hydraulic cranes

                                 8mt hydraulic crane and 1700 hydraulic power on a mussel barge in Eire


Located in West of France for over 40 years we have put into operation many thousands of hydraulic power systems and hydraulic cranes , sometimes under the most extreme conditions in polar or tropical climates.
This experience with our constant concern for competitive prices, efficiency, ergonomics and reliability has made our reputation

Our main strength

All equipments are designed and built in France

High tech meets creativity at every stage in the development process of a new unit. From drawing board to production, from testing to commissioning of the product, imagination and human skills at each moment perfect the reliability, power and precision of our machines.

Our up-do-date machines include very high-precision, large-capacity digital machine tool

All products are all tested on test stands before delivery.

Main and stem power units

Two 2800 power units

Our hydraulic power units are used in various sectors of sea and river works where only hydraulic transmissions truly permit easy and original installations.

A 4500 power unit Power unit 450 compact type 3500 hinged power unit

Robust hydraulic power systems, easy to maintain and with exceptional maneuverability

Highly energy-efficient hydrostatic transmissions, which permit reversal of screw movement under full load - very suitable for frequent changes in direction of operation.

Variation in screw immersion depth depending on depth to bottom.

Very wide range of lift travel: thermal engines and plant can be placed anywhere on the boat.


The basic concept can easily be adapted to a wide variety of uses: public works, service ferries, dredges, oyster farm pontoons, mussel farming barges, amphibious barges, passenger ferries and ships, pollution control machinery, etc.

Possibility of adapting engine type according to customer requirements.


Transmissions very effectively protected by valves generally tolerating accidental screw jamming.

Highly reliable as a result of the systematic elimination of unnecessary sophisticated features, and the particulary generous sizing of components.


Low maintenance costs.

Hydraulic power systems range

Our power plant range covers 30 to 500 kW.

The power units are supplied in modular models to be assembled on site, or in compact ready-to-use models which are tested an run-in before delivery.

Stem power units may be supplied directly built into a tube to be welded onto the vessel.

Lateral stem thruster power unit on a tuna fishing boat

Equipments 100% designed and built in France

3 to 60 metric tons marine hydraulic cranes

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