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France 3 to 60 metric tons marine hydraulic cranes

22MT, 18MT and 7MTcranes 22MT, 18MT and 7MTcranes

Marine hydraulic cranes information

Our cranes are designed and built for service at the sea and can get homologation.


Continuous 360� orientation with no dead point.

High turning torque, permitting to operate under full load even in list

Square (or circular) bed ensuring excellent load distribution on the vessel's keelson


Operating station mounted revolving on the turret or supplied separately to be better positioned on the vessel

Possibility of proportional remote control

Possibility of acceptance before delivery

Standard can be modified to meet specific requirements of use


Extremely strong sand-blasted/galvanized structures.

Joints on very amply sized anti-friction rings.

Special marine-treated ram struts.

Proportional distributors permitting several simultaneous movements and also perfect flow metering for each function.


3 to 60 metric ton/meter.

Homologated BV NI 184 machines upon request

Equipments 100% designed and built in France

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