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Packaging and strapping machines, tools and consumables exporter from Belgium

Packaging and strapping equipments, tools and consumables exporter from Belgium

Our Begiium company belongs to a group of firms present in 19 countries through its subsidiaries.Our 55 years experience in the strapping business is our quality service guarantee!
We are producer and exporter worldwide and we have selected worldwide, on the basis of quality and price, the widest range of equipment and products dedicated to your packaging, strapping and sealing needs:

- Metal strapping machines, plastic strapping machines and textile strapping machines and all consumables
- Wrapping machines
- Twine tying machines
- SIAT Machines, adhesive tapes, printed adhesive tapes, plain tapes, printed tapes, technical tapes
- Other machines: labeling machines, shrinkable film machines, labeling machines, special strapping machines for forestry use and sawmills.

We supply also all packaging consumables (about 10,000 references) such bubble wrap, foam rolls, loosefill, cardboard corner protections, V boards, paper, corrugate cardboard and dispensers, labels and documents enclosed enveloppes

Metal Strapping
Our metal straps are compatible with all equipment and all machines. More than 60 product P/Ns fulfill your every need: tensile strength, elongation, oxidation protection, adapted packaging, size, finish�They are in full compliance with the equipment and machines existing in the Metal Strap market and are made in ISO 9002 Safety - certified plants, and are easy to use.
For fast and effective strapping. Various models offered depending on the size of the strap (from 10 to 32 mm).
For heavy-duty use in industry. 10 to 32 mm metal straps.
Plastic Strapping
Polypropylene manual plastic straps or Polypropylene, copolymer or polyester machine plastic straps� Recyclable. We can print your message on them. Estimate on request.
As many models as uses Strapping of round, fragile, irregular shaped� packages. In all positions, for 0.6 mm to 16 mm straps.
With its table fitted with a conveyor belt and a control cell, it reaches high strapping rates. Strap is automatically repositioned. 230 kg, 220/380 v 3-ph. 5 to 16 mm polypropylene strap.
Textile Strapping
Polyester straps insensitive to bad weather, come in several models depending on the nature and weight of the package. Composite straps that do not rust, for strapping heavy objects, does not fray.
For tensioning and cutting the strap.
The cast film has better stretching qualities, an elastic memory and excellent tractional force. Transparent, it in no way alters the appearance of your packages and your pallets. Its inner surface, "sticky", adheres to the load so that it remains stable throughout transportation. Its outer surface, slippery, keeps the pallets from sticking to each other.
Automatic or with platform loading. Our basic models can have a great many options to meet the needs of your company.
Composed of PVC, polypropylene, sticky tape, or else specific adhesives (reinforced, "strapping", double faced�) or technical or else with customized printing.

Tying with twine

"A chain is no stronger than its
weakest link".


Other products for packing

Some catalogues in .pdf

Cushioning: bubble wrap, foam rolls, loosefill, cardboard corner protections, V boards
Paper - Corrugate Cardboard - Dispensers
Labels - Documents Enclosed enveloppes
Steel strapping: straps, equipment for round loads, equipment for flat loads, USLM lifting, machines and accessories
Plastic strapping: equipment and combination tools, straps
SIAT machines, adhesive tapes, printed adhesive tapes, plain tapes, printed tapes, technical tapes, dispensers and stapplers.
Twine tying machines and twines
Cross winding is a process for winding films onto a reel and it prevents frequent industrial line stoppages

We export also a complete range of equipments for forestry and sawmill packaging needs

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