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Europe standard bakery deep fryers for export from Romania

Deep fryers
Deep fryers + fermentation room for doughnuts

Friteuse professionnelle 2 cuves de 10 litres Friteuse professionnelle 1 cuves de 10 litres ou 20 litres Plateau-tamis inox rabattable pour friteuse de 20 litres
Deep fryer 2 tanks
with fermentation case
Deep fryer 1 tank
without fermentation case

Optional folding inox tray
+ sieve for 20L fryer

Deep fryers for doughnuts *
* can be used for French fries, chicken....


Simple manual operation with temperature selection switch 40 - 200�C
Made of stainless steel, round edges, easy to clean
Fryer surface: 300 x 500 mm for BN10, 500 x 600 for BN20



Power supply

Total heating capacity (/h)

Dimensions [mm]


10 liters

220 V

2,1 kW

650 x 680 x 250


20 liters

380 V

4,2 kW

650 x 680 x 250


2x10 liters

220/380 V

2 x 2,1 kW

650 x 680 x 250


1. Folding inox tray and sieve for 20L fryer to collect oil

2. Inox mobile support for fryers without fermentation case, height 750 mm

Fermentation section

220V / 0.8 Kw
Sizes: 650 x 600 x 900 mm
Inside and outside: inox
Heating up to 80�C + steam
Steam: manual water feeding
Glass door for full seeing
8 trays 500 x 500mm (Aluminium + Teflon)

It is possible to purchase the fryer without the fermentation case

Feel free to consult us for any customized equipments

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