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Swine feeding

Located in Morlaix city area in West of France Brittany province, which is the first European area for animal production, we produce in our two modern factories and export towards 40 countries a complete range of customized products for animal nutrition such as feed premix, mineral feed, oligos, amini acids, animal feed supplements, animal feed and raw materials..

All our products are customized for each country depending the local conditions and raw products availabilities. We use bar codes to guarantee the tracability and quality of all our products

We supply farmers, animal feed manufacurers and animal feed distributors

We keep working without a break, always on the look-out for new way of feeding your animals with locally produced input. That is what we call sustainable development. Our leadership, our capacity to innovate, developing high-performing and suitable products, to excel, to adapt to the markets and its needs are the strengths in our team. Our social responsibility, our values and our mission are aiming to offer an animal nutrition solution that will allow the consumer to eat healthily and above all, not to be worried.

Our products definitions

Additives =  drugs and/or any healthy product to cure and/or prevent diseases and/or stimulate the animals
Feed pre-mix  = oligo + vitamins with an inclusion rate in animal feed of 0.2 to 1%
AMV / Mineral Feed = oligo + vitamins + minerals with an inclusion rate in animal feed of 1% to 5-5%
Animal feed supplements / concentrate = AMV + proteins
Animal feed = pre-mix + proteins + cereals + additives
Raw materials = macro elements such as cereals plus all sources of proteines such as soya cake, fishmeal and all products which can be used for animal feeding.
Advanced technical products such as conservatives for animal feeding and raw materials, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-mycotoxin, anti-salmonella, water treatment products...

Customers information

Research and development

Vitalac esearch and development team is always on the look out for new formulas to improve the existing ones we have. Quality nutrition must always be on the forefront of nutrition. Therefore, we are dedicated to development of solution in animal nutrition. .


Vitalac 2 CE approval manufacturing units are located in Britany and Atlantic coast, France. Even here, we have a professional and competent team that insures the production of adapted solutions made for our clients. Quality, innovation and passion are the core of their concerns.

Vitalac animal nutrition products short information

Poultry feeding

We support the turkey and chicken producers by offering help to their needs: products, services and or a mix of both. BCanada Nutrition Solution offers a large variety of ingredients for poultry feeding in order to help you have access to a quality feeds, but also for matter of environmental security. We offer all of our services for other poultry species such as duck or geese production.

Our product range includes basic ingredients such as corn, soy, cereals up to amino acid and organic acid. We offer customize and exclusive premix for trace minerals, enzymes, fermentation products and other special mix. In addition, we make available amino acid, mycotoxin binders, and nutritive elements of natural source such as the natural vitamin E, other natural solutions such as organic mineral and natural feed additives.

We garantee for the broil chicken, subject to compliance with the rules of hygiene, a net decrease of mortality risks which go up to 100% on some groups to less than 20% and the targeted weight in a term close with North American standards.
It is the same for the health of the laying hens;  note also that no European producer would accept a laying rate under 95%

Product examples
2.5% laying hens premix and 35% concentrate
4% broilers premix and 35% concentrate
Organic acids premix for poultry with additional effect to prevent diseases

Illustration *

Nutrition Europe
Nutrition Europe
Laying hens –laying rate
50% -70%
Broil chicken
60 days -2 kilos
40 days -2,2 kilos
39 days -2,5 kilos

Sheep feeding

A simple and efficient feeding program for sheep

Selecting specific ingredients that will give the best results at the best price is very important, in order to keep production costs as low as possible. Sheep have unique characteristics that should be taken advantage of as much as possible. For instance, sheeps can digest whole grains very efficiently and their feed consumption can be regulated by salt.

Here are some simple, basic feed rations to maximize the growth rate of lambs and to meet the nutritive requirements of young ewes, ewes and rams.

- Free choice mineral
- Whole barley
- Good quality forage
- Small quantity of protein supplement or soybean meal

For example in Africa and in the Middle East sheep fed according to our requirements a short time before the Aid El Kebir have a weight gain and a healthy aspect that will make the difference in the markets.

Cattle feeding

At the different period of its life, the cattle have different nutritional needs. In addition, the first goal of the farm producers is always the same: to 0ptimize the performance. We will commit itself by giving to cattle producer’s innovative and nutritional solutions - and a better ratio cost versus quality - for the ingredients, additives and special ingredients.

Our products for beef cattle include base ingredients, vitamin and mineral supplements that are always available on a continuous basis for a productive and healthy herd.

Our research is based on what affects you the most: to lower the amount of excretion of nutritive elements that are sensitive for the environment, to improve the reproductive performances and increase the quality of your beef cattle. Our nutritionists and agriculturists are assessing the impact of antibiotics and ingredients that will promote growth for possible market for natural beef cattle. With the perfect association of our production site and delivery, We are well positioned to deliver the ingredients required to feed your cattle, a steady quality of feed, delivery on time.

For extensive cattle breeding our easily transportable "blocks" by herdsmen improve very substantially and obviously the quality of the cattle.
Product examples: Mineral blocks & mineral feed

Illustration *

(reproduction rate)
Nutrition Europe
in Africa
15 à 20% alive calves
30 à 35% alive calves only by the use of blocks in the pastures
40 à 50% alive calves by correcting the lack of minerals + better pasture rations and supplements

Dairy sector

We have a unique approach to the dairy production as describe-into three broad outlines :

1 - The formulation of our blends of minerals, vitamins and different additives use components that have the highest level of assimilation for the dairy cattle. We selected ingredients of the highest quality such as by-pass vitamins that have a protection against the degradation in the rumen, chelated trace mineral, selenium in a yeast form and other specialized additives.

2 - Our dedicated solutions aimed at the daily disorders related to feeding. It is the key to a profitable herd. We choose for your dairy cows proven ingredients, wisely combined in order to prevent problems such as subclinical acetonemia, infertility, lameness, milk fever, abomasal displacement, ruminal acidosis and the fatty liver syndrome. All of our solutions aimed at the 0ptimization in the rumen functioning the best possible way to obtain the best constituents in milk.

3 - The development of healthy and acceptable solutions by the consumer such as the use of 100% plant protein or alternatives to drug are part of our constant evolution in our products.

Pig feeding

We offer to you the top of the line supplements, amino acids and special feed additives for your swine ration. Well, that is what we offer to you.

We commit to helping you reach for scientific, modern and solid solutions answering today’s concerns in the business such as lowering the level of excretion of nutritive elements in the manure or the reduction of odours. Our investments in research allow us to follow the newest technologies and new ingredients, study their impact on their practical or fundamental use.

We have a vast array of ingredients for animal feeding in order to help you at the environmental level as well as on the economic one. We have all the ingredients required for raising healthy and more productive pigs such as plant proteins, by-products, cereals, milling and processing by-product up to amino acids, lecithin and organic acids.

We also offer you customized and exclusive vitamin and mineral mix, on top of a variety of trace elements. This includes a vitamin E of natural source, HCL Lysine and other amino acids and organic acid. We back up our products with technical support, advice and suggestions for the formulation of your ration.

Products examples
Gestating & lactation sows AMV
First stage piglet feed
Pigs AMV
Organic acids premix for pigs with additional effect to prevent diseases

Illustration *

Pig fattening
Nutrition Europe
Nutrition Europe
270 days -70 kilos
120 days -100 kilos
90 days - 100 kilos

Warning about the above Europe market information: each product is customized for the exact needs of our overseas customers

* indicative average figures, may vary according to conditions more or less specific to each farm

Other products, technical products & services

1. We export a full range of additives used in animal nutrition products. Examples:
Amino acids such as lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, ...
Minerals such as monocalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, ...
Dairy products such as whey, milk lactation, dairy cores, ...
Technical products such as conservatives for animal feeding and raw materials, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-mycotoxin, anti-salmonella, water treatment products...

Examples of our best sellers technical products towards Africa

Premix of organic and mineral acids on active carrier acting as detoxifer for poultry and piglets Vitacid-dry

Organic acids liquid premix for poultry with 0ptimisation of pH of stomach and intestine with additional effect to prevent diseases from water Liquid Vitacid

Inhibitors of yeasts and moulds for animal feed Fongi-Protect

Mycotoxin binder for the corn used in animal feed. Myco-Protect

2. Producing your own feed supply
We can advise and follow up producers who would like, beyond their own needs become feed supply producers

3. Full units for manufacturing & packaging animal feed from premix + proteins + cereals...
In view of the population growth in Africa and theincreasing  needs of protein the animal nutrition needs are expected to growth very strongly. If local investors are interested, we can participate actively in the creation  of a complete industry for products for animal nutrition. We have a complete feed production and packaging line ready to be installed.

3.1 Grinders mixers starting 0.5 MT per hour

4.Eggs trays production lines starting 360 trays per hour, directly from our China partner

4. 500 to 2000 M3 tower silos with saturated atmosphere of carbon dioxide. These silos are used to store the wet corn and other cereals for several years with a lactic fermentation which facilitates feeding digestion by animals. We can deliver and set up the silos in any country.

To conclude

Ivory Coast pigs and poultry farm

We always work closely with our clients-partners. We offer to each farmer the best performing solution tailored to its needs according its geographical location; we assist our customers in their animal husbandries around the world.

Feel free to contact us to receive a customized competitive offer according your exact needs

Animal feeding producers, farmers and distributors are welcome to visit us in Brittany, West of France

We load 20-25 MT per 20' container

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