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Europe best animal nutrition products Generic drugs, branded drugs, vaccines and pharmaceutical products Europe and South-America frozen meat and poultry


Europe export selection

Other Europe products & services offers

Food products and agro
Fresh and processed fruits, vegetables and spices
Fruit concentrate & puree
Olive oil and other vegetable oils
Beans and pulses
Pastas, wheat, wheat products and biscuits
Herbs, plants and essential oils, etc

Dairy products
milk powder, sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk
UHT milk, butter and cheese

Fishing, seafood and by products


Meat & associate products
Animal products such as
broth, skins and wool

Wines, spirits, brandies, bottled water and juices

Wood and forestry
Forestry and wood products
- offers and requests -

Agriculture equipments
Equipments for agriculture and agro-food industry

Tractors & others
agricultural & forestry machinery
tractors including spare parts

Packaging, PET machines, and bottling facilities
bottles manufacturing, bottling and washing,
packaging equipments and supplies
transport containers
transport and freight

Irrigation and boats
irrigation systems
boats and fishing equipments

Drugs and medical
drugs, medical supplies and equipments

Veterinary products

Chemicals, minerals and associate products

Fabrics, clothing and shoes from Europe

Hygiene & household products
Hygiene and beauty products.
Household products and domestic appliances
Furniture and associate products
Outdoor leisure products and toys

public works equipments
precast constructions
building material & associates

Machines & tools
machine tools, equipments and products for industry

Graphic & energy equipments
graphic equipments
energy production and associate products
paper & board products

Automotive and heavy duty equipments
cars / heavy duty equipments, 
spare parts & automotive supplies

Planes and helicopters

Phones, office and security supplies
cell phones and fixed phones
counterfeit banknotes detectors
banknotes counters and coins counters sorters
false documents scanner detectors
security products and training
office supplies / electronic supplies

Trade agents
requests of agents and resellers 
merchandisers / sourcing

Recycling industry offers and requests

Europe importation requests
Agricultural products, foodstuffs, seafood
Other agro products and wood
Manufactured products

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Industrial packaging and strapping supplies

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