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China Foshan porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, facade tiles & others Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam products Import-export and sourcing Africa, China, India, Asia, Americas and Europe | Selection of products from China and South-East Asia
All China sanitary ware and appliances

Selection of products from China, India, Singapore & other Asia Pacific countries

Asia currently offer an almost unlimited and a highly competitive supply of products. All products are described and over 8000 photos are available for best information. Wholesale offers only for FOB, CFR and CIF deliveries.

Main products range

Building material & associate products
Machines and machine plants
Products for industry
Solar powered building materials & associate products
Hardware & associate products
Air conditioning, cooling and freezing equipments
Automotive, handling & associate products
Household & convenience goods

Electronic parts and by products
Coiffure, hygiene products and cleansers
Conditioning and packaging
Foodstuffs and products for agro-food industry

Building material & associate products

Building material and associate products

China ceramic tiles
ceramic floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, porcelain facade tiles, glass mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, ceramic and glass baseboards...
We export also all tiling supplies and tools.

China hollow glass bricks
62 models and 7 sizes of of Flint glass hollow glass bricks and colored hollow glass bricks for indoor and outdoor construction or for decoration.

China glass mosaic tile
15 series and over 700 models of glass mosaic tiles for indoor and outdoor household and commercial decoration such as bathrooms, kitchens, art frescoes, swimming pools, fountains, gardens...

Indonesia stone tiles, pebbles, gravel and stone or marble sanitary ware

China giant bamboo flooring and wall tiling

China sanitary ware, bath and sanitary appliances
china vitreous pedestal washbasins, self-rimming washbasins, counter washbasins, washbasin and cabinet sets, glass washbasins, vitreous china water closets, squatting pans, urinals, bidets, bathtubs, massage bathtubs, shower trays, shower cubicles, steam and massage shower rooms, taps - faucets, accessories ...

China PVC pipes and PVC fittings for plumbing applications

Aluminium suspended ceilings
Indoor - outdoor models of aluminium square panels suspended ceilings, grille suspended ceilings, loose strips panels suspended ceilings and seamless strips panels suspended ceilings. Also available mineral fiber board suspended ceilings  and gypsum suspended ceiling boards.

China roofing steel sheets & steel frameworks
corrugated galvanized steel sheets, painted steel sheets, insulated steel sandwich panels for roofing ans walls; customized steel frameworks.

China house doors such as plywood non-painting doors with wood slat inside and plastic steel doors

Polyurethane foam decoration building materials
wall decoration moldings, corbels, columns, ceiling medallions, niches, stone, mirror frames, accessories, wood decor mouldings...

China plywood and associate products

Indonesia decking and wooden garden tiles

Solar powered building materials & associate products

Photovoltaic solar panels CE, TUV & SONCAP certified
Monocrystalline and pollycrystalline solar panels, 25 years guarantee

Off grid and grid-connected solar power systems kits for homes and professional uses
Models from 60W to 1040W and over

China solar water heaters

Solar LED street lights
2500 to 5000 lumens solar street lights sets including pole, solar panel, LED, socket, lead-acid battery, time/light control panel, battery, control case...

Solar LED lights for yards, swimming pools and private roads
675 et 1250 lumens solar yard lights sets including pole, solar panel, LED, socket, lead-acid battery, time/light control panel, battery, control case...

Solar water pumps
These solar pumps kits lift up to 100m

Solar charge controllers
solar charge controllers from 10A to 60A

Solar inverters
solar off-grid inverters from 7kw to 5000kw

Machines & machine plants for industry & agriculture

Asia Machines & machine plants for industry & agriculture

China 176 to 20000 automatic eggs hatching machines
Automatic eggs incubators plus eggs hatchers

China small & medium farm machinery and agri machines
rice hullers/polishers, cassava and corn grinders, grinders mixers, corn threshers, fish and vegetables driers, raw cashew nut shellers and processing machines, diesel heavy duty generators...

China paper converting and packing machines
for bathroom tissue rolls, facial tissue, pocket handkerchieves...

Ice making machines starting 1000 kilos per day
ice blocks, ice cubes, ice flakes, ice tubes & plate ice

China latex condoms & latex gloves machine plants

Liquid soap, shampoo and other liquid cleansers making & filling machines
From 100 litres to 1000 litres per hour

Hardware & associate products

Hardware products

India electric overhead-lines, transmission, distribution and substation hardware & poles equipments

India carbon steel & alloy steel seamless tubes

India light steel hardware products
US standards galvanized bars, galvanised rods, galvanised pressed steel components, anchor bolts, pole line hardware, fully threaded rods., eye bolts, U bolts, hinge bolts, pipe clamps, riser clamps, ladder clamps, scraper mats, washers, truss tighteners, barb wire arms, floor flanges, hollow ware…

China furniture hardware for manufacturers and wholesalers
furniture casters, furniture legs, table legs, furniture legs accessories, office chair bases, shelves supports, wardrobes brackets and hinges, door closers, hinges for wood and aluminium furniture and cabinet doors ...

China decorative hardware
Decorative handles and knobs for doors, furniture, kitchen furniture, closets and other uses
Decorative screws sets with caps used to hang professional nameplates and signs made by metal, glass, ceramic.

India wood ornaments and wood components
ornaments, hand crafted ornaments, corbels and decorative shelf supports, capitals & pilasters, decorative corners…

China glass hardware
glass clamps, glass connectors, glass door hinges, glass door handles, glass door locks, glass cabinet locks

China locks for special uses
Cabinet lock and push lock, mailbox lock, glass cabinet lock, glass gate lock, mortise lock, handle lock, aluminium door lock and lock accessories

China aluminium edge strips
corner strips for ceramic tile and stone, tile anti-slip step treads, floor transition strips, ceiling strips, baseboards, wire outer sheaths and carpet tack strips.

China kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories
Two handles bathroom and kitchen faucets, single lever bathroom and kitchen faucets, washbasins infrared automatic faucets...
Shower faucets, shower heads, shower risers,
multi jets and massage shower panels....
Washbasins, bidets, bathtubs and kitchen sinks drains and water waste parts and other plumbing fixtures such as pressing and stepping flushing valves systems, water nozzles, floor drains...

China glass, metal and acrylic bathroom accessories
toilet tissue rolls holders, liquid soap holders, towel rails, towel racks, cup holders, soap plates, toilet brush holders, glass shelves, acrylic toilet seats covers and bathroom accessories sets.

China indoor electric accessories such as on-off switches, utility outlets, circuit breakers, distribution boxes and other jacks

China solar garden and lawn lighting

Air conditioning, cooling and freezing equipments

Air conditioning, cooling and freezing equipments

Professional and household cooling equipments
Stainless steel refrigerators and freezers 650 and 1400 litres
Household electrical and other energies powered refrigerators
Refrigerated glass showcases
Sliding door double temperature freezers
Sliding door curved glass freezers
Kerosene and LPG powered fridges and freezers
12-24 volts DC compressor system marine fridges
Ice cream machines, stirring ice machines and slush freezers ...

Cold rooms and freezing rooms starting 10M3

Gas refrigerators, kerosene fridges and electricity gas or kerosene absorption fridges

Taiwan 600 and 1000 litres energy saving steel stand up refrigerators, freezers or dual devices

Solar powered products

CE approval solar fridges and feezers

Solar powered split air conditioners, CE approval

Products for industry

Palm-kernel soap noodles

Singapore palm-kernel products for industry uses

Singapore soap noodles and refined glycerine

Australia beef tallow, beef bone and meat meal and yellow grease

Guangxi pine tree and other forestry organic products
pine tree gum rosin, pine oil and modified phenolic resin, star aniseed, Cassia lignea whole, Litsea cubeba oil.

Indonesia coir fibres

Malaysia oil palm fibres

India polyglass tape and other insulation products
Woven polyester tape, glass fibre tape, electical insulating putty

China chemicals such as:
Caustic soda flakes, pearl and solid
Calcium hypochlorite
Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbide

China Wuzhou jewellery cubic Zirconia, Corandum and Spinel gemstones

Plastic and metal moulds, parts, sub-assemblies and units outsourcing or subcontracting in China
Custom plastic parts fabrication and metal castings

Automotive, handling & associate products

China handling machines
manual & electric pallet trucks, manual & electric stackers, manual & electric lift tables, load binders, forklifts, etc.

ECE and DOT truck tires, bus tires and off-road tires

Electrolyte storage batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, telecommunications centers and other industrial equipments

Household & convenience goods

Indonesia outdoor teak furniture and indoor solid wood furniture

Vietnam mosquito coils repellent

China insect window screening and wire netting rolls for doors

China kitchen paper rolls, paper hand towels, paper table napkins and paper tablecloths

All lighting lamps and fluorescent lamps
General lighting service lamps, energy saving lamps, long life service lamps and all types of fluorescent lamps

China led flashlights

Hurricane lanterns, oil lamps, candle lamps and outdoor torches

China ceramic tableware, terracotta teapots, garden ceramic and art ceramic vases

Artificial Christmas trees

Digital Alcohol Breath Testers

Household solar powered products

Solar LED lanterns for indoor & outdoor uses
These solar lanterns can be charged also from AC electricity and car cigar lighter plugs.

Solar LED emergency lights 
All these LED lights get a USB charger and can be used to charge mobile phones. Widely used as emergency lights.

Solar LED flashlights

Small DC solar power systems kits for household use

Electronic parts, accessories & by products

iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other tablets stands

China membrane keyboards, touch panels and OEM PC boards

China mobile phones

China recordable CD & DVD
12 types of recordable compact discs and video discs including CD-R, mini CD-R, DVD-R, mini DVD-R, blu-ray discs ...

Banknotes counters with counterfeit banknotes detectors, coins counters
& counterfeit banknotes detection small devices

Solar products

Solar chargers
solar powered chargers for laptops and cell phones

Solar AM & FM radios

Coiffure, hygiene products and cleansers

China premium synthetic, mixed and human hair wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces and braids
also tools for hairdressing and hair extensions fixing or removing

China laundry powder

China soft bathroom tissue, jumbo toilet paper rolls and large paper reels for toilet tissue production

China Premium baby diapers

Conditioning and packaging

Vietnam PP woven bags for agriculture or industry

China packaging solutions for distribution, infustry and food

Vietnam customized PP non-woven and woven shopping bags and other uses bags
folding shopping bag, advertising shopping bags, gift bags, hand bags, bottles bags, shoe bags and documents bags.

Glass bottles and jars for cosmetics, perfumes, wines and food

Foodstuffs and products for agro-food industry

Chinese green tea

Singapore edible cooking golden color palm oil - RDB palm olein
250ml to 25 litres packing

Singapore vegetable shortening

Singapore vegetable ghee - Vanapati

Singapore canned milk
halal sweetened condensed milk and unsweetened evaporated milk

Singapore 3-in-1 coffee: instant coffee + creamer + sugar in individual sachets

Thailand rice starting 100 metric tons deliveries

Vietnam rice starting 100 metric tons deliveries

Vietnam 5% broken jasmine rice in 10lbs to 100 lbs bags starting 25 metric tons

Vietnam parboiled rice 5% broken double sortexed

Vietnam flavored instant noodles in individual packets

China halal bouillon cubes & monosodium glutamate

China frozen whole round tilapia and tilapia filets CE and FDA approval

Southeast Asia RBD coconut oil and hydrogenated coconut oil in bulk

Thailand ready to drink fruit juices

Thailand frozen mangosteen puree and concentrated juice
Ready to drink mangosteen juice, naturel extract powder of mangosteen, mango, hibiscus sabdarifa and other fruits

Thailand tropical frozen fruits
Thailand tropical fresh fruits

Shandong IQF and canned fruits & vegetables

China Italian style tomato paste

Indonesia retail packaging wafers, snacks, candies, crackers and appetizer peanuts

Indonesia retail packaging chewing-gum, bubble gum, chocolate candies and marshmallow

Services for business trips in China

English speaking Guangzhou and whole China business interpreter & guide

Spanish speaking Guangzhou and whole China business interpreter & guide

China Airlines companies contacts

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