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Singapore halal sweetened condensed milk and unsweetened evaporated milk

Singapore 1kg can sweetened condensed milk

Our singapore company is in food business for over 50 years. We offer our Sinba brand premium quality and competitive halal sweetened condensed milk in 390g, 505 and 1kg cans and unsweetened evaporated milk in 170g and 400g cans.

Sweetened condensed milk
390g, 505g and 1kg net tins


Composition: non fat milk, refined palm oil, sugar and vitamins

Total solids 72% minimum
Fat 10% minimum
Milk solids non fats 15% minimum
Sucrose 45% minimum
Vit A 700I.U./100g
Vit D 120I.U./100g
VIt B1 0.8meg/100g

Shelf life after production: 15 months
Product certified halal


24x1kg carton of sweetened milk

390g cans
48 x 390g net net cans per carton
1250 cartons per 20FCL

505g cans
48x 505g net cans per carton
1020cartons per 20FCL

1kg cans
24 x 1kg net cans per carton
1000 cartons per 20FCL

Unsweetened evaporated milk
170g and 400g net tins


Total Solids: 23.0%min
Fat: 6%min
Vitamin A: 210meg/100g
Vitamin D3: 2meg/100g
Vitamin B1: 0.9meg/100g
pH: 6.0min


Singapore Unsweetened evaporated milk

Unsweetened milk in 170g net cans
48x170g tins per carton

Unsweetened milk in 4000g net cans
48x400g tins per carton

Other export information for both types of milk

Minimum: one FCL
We export only on CIF basis
Payment strictly L/C or TT in advance

Our exclusive milk powders

Sinba-Link Pte Ltd - Singapore

Contact Sinba Ltd in Singapore
Sinba Singapore, a reliable partner for 50 years

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