Selection of products from China and South-East Asia

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Southeast Asia palm products for industry uses

Our Singapore company is a direct major exporter of all palm products. There are suitable for various industries like soap manufacturing, ice cream production, margarine production, etc.

Following palm products are suitable based on final quality.
1. RBD * Palm Kernel Oil, substitute for Coconut oil
2. RBD Palm Stearin (best substitute for tallow)
3. Palm fatty Acid Distillate
4. Palm Acid Oil
8. Other palm and coconut oil products are available. Please ask for more information.
Items no 4 & 5 are suitable for low quality soap, normally laundry soap. Palm Acid oil for very low quality soap.

Average specification

RBD Palm Kernel Oil

Specs (as MEOMA)
Free Fatty Acids (as Lauric) 0.1% max
Moisture & Impurities 0.1% max
Iodine Value (WIJS) 19 max at time of shipment
Colour (5.25" lovibond cell)1.5 Red Max

RBD Palm Stearin

Specs (as PORAM)
Free Fatty Acids (as palmitic) 0.2% max
Moisture & Impurities 0.15% max
Melting Point 44 min
Colour (5.25" lovibond cell) 3 Red max

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate

Specs (as PORAM)
Free Fatty Acids (as palmitic) 70% min
Moisture & Impurities 1.0% max
Saponifiable Matter 95% min (basis 97%)

Palm Acid Oil

Specs (as PORAM)
Free Fatty Acids (as palmitic) 50% min
Moisture & Impurities 3.0% max
TFM 95% mini (basis 97%)

Usual Packing for soap / detergent industry is 185 kg used steel drums. However RBD Palm Kernel Oil and RBD Palm Stearin if used for edible purpose are packed in 190 kg net new steel drums.

Available also in 20 MT FlexiTanks

Nota: RBD = refined, bleached and deodorized yellow edible palm oil

Our other palm products
Palm soap noodles & refined glycerine
Edible cooking yellow palm oil
Vegetable shortening

Other product for industry uses
Sinba RBD and hydrogenated coconut oil for industry uses

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