China ceramic, tile, porcelaintile, glass mosaic tile, glass bricks...

China solar products

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Asia Pacific import export and trade offers summary with

Asean and other Asia countries products

China sanitary ware, sanitary appliances & bathroom taps


China, India, Singapore & other Asia Pacific export selection

Other Asia products & services offers

Asia agriculture and food products
Agriculture products such as rice, fruits, spices and processed foodstuffs

Asia foodstuffs 2
Meat and associate products.
Milk and dairy products

Asia agricultural products for industrial uses
including palm kernels products
Asia tropical goods

Asia wood and by-products

Asia agriculture and food industry supplies
equipments & supplies for agriculture,
agro-food industry and animal husbandry 
fishing tackles

Asia minerals and chemicals
minerals, chemicals, plastic & associate products

Asia construction & building materials
building materials, tiles, sanitary ware and associate products

machines and building materials production lines

Asia hardware & lighting products
hardware, decorative hardware and associate products
lighting and electricity products

Asia air conditioners, cooling equipments, refrigeration and associate products

Asia furniture and associate products

Asia industrial products 1
machine plants, tools & equipments
plastic and metal tools, moulds, parts and sets
electricity equipments, generators & associate products

Asia industrial products 2
miscellaneous manufactured goods for industry and trade
industrial services

Packaging equipments and packaging products
Racking & shelving

Asia industrial and household freezers, cooling equipments and air conditioning

Asia automotive and spare parts
automotive & automotive supplies 

Asia medical & pharmaceutical products
medical products and equipments
pharmaceuticals & associate products

Asia additives, dyes and chemicals for agro industries
amimal nutrition & veterinary products

Asia hygiene, cosmetics, coiffure & soaps
hygiene products for men, women and children
hair, cosmetics and beauty products
toilet and washing soap and powder
multi purpose soap
washing soap powder

Asia textiles and clothing

Asia fabrics and associate products for industry, agriculture and fishing

Asia shoes, running shoes, sandals and slippers

Asia communication and office supplies
electronics and associates products like batteries
mobile phones
office supplies & furniture

photocopier paper & school supplies
printing services

Asia household appliances and products
convenience and household goods
decoration and celebration products

Asia indoor and outdoor leisure products
including sports supplies, fitness equipments, inflatable boats...

Transport, logistic and sea freight

Asia miscellaneous products & services
agents & sale representatives
military supplies
miscellaneous products and services

Asia importation requests
seafood and associate products
logs, timbers and wooden associate products
agro products
animal products
raw materials
recycling products

Translation services

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China eggs incubators + hatchers

Sweetened and unsweetened canned milk

Asia edible yellow palm oil China large ice making machines starting 1000kg per day

Singapore 3-in-1 instant coffee with creamer and sugar


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