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I.Q.F. Chile Patagonian toothfish

Export offer of Chile I.Q.F HGT Patagonian toothfish (called sea bass in Japan), Dissostichus Eleginoides.

Chile sea bass

Chile sea bass Chile sea bass

Dissostichus Eleginoides information

Chile individually quick frozen headed, gutted, tail-off Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus Eleginoides.

Size from 3 to 12kg
Packaging 3kg - 4 kg, 4 kg - 6 kg, 6 kg - 8 kg, 8 kg - 10 kg, 10 kg - 12 kg
Packaging customized accorded customer fish size needs

Availabilities all year long but smaller quantities during austral winter

Chile seafood

Chile seafood

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