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Frozen jumbo flying squids for export from Chile

Jumbo flying squids tentacles

Jumbo flying squids filets

Jumbo flying squids wings


We offer for export starting end of August frozen jumbo flying squids (Dosidicus Gigas)

Season: September to February

Presentation in:
Filets without skin and without membrane
Filets without skin and with membrane
Filets with skin
Wings with skin

Fishery: CEE approval

Packing: 10 kg blocks
Quantity per reefer FCL: 25 MT

FOB delivery time: 2 weeks after reception of LC in good order
Deliveries FOB Chile or CFR any port

Squid rings
Dosidicus  Gigas

Chile squid rings

Size: 4-6cm external diameter
Packing: bag 1 kg or Master 15 kg

Consult us for Africa frozen squids

Chile seafood
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Chile seafood

Chile seafood

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