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Wholesale export offer of Chile frozen horse mackerel

Bag Carton  IQF interleaved

Chile horse mackerel information

Export offer for towards any country of frozen whole Chile horse mackerel (Thomson)
Scientific name: Trachurus Murphyi
Origin: Chile fao 87
Freezing mode: IQF in CE and FDA approval fishery

First packaging option

CE approval plastic bags to be weight
- 2 pieces per bag for 500/900g size
- 3  pieces per bag for 300/500g size
- 4  pieces per bag for 200/300g size

Packing: 14 kg net cartons

Second packaging option

10 or 20 kg cartons, IQF interleaved

Size 19/24 cm 100/200 g
Size 25/30 cm 200/300 g
Size 31/35 cm 300/500 g
Size 36/43 cm 500/900 g

Quantity per 40' FCL: about 25 MT

Wholesale offer during fishing season

Offer for export from Chile horse mackerel frozen whole (Trachurus murphyi)
Origin: Chile FAO 87
Packing: 20 kg cartons with plastic inner lining 
Quality: no blood, no pressed
Quantity: 3.000 MT minimum
Delivery: +/- 60 days after LC reception
Dispatch sizes
19/24 cm  (100/200 g ) +/- 10%
25/30 cm (200/300 g ) +/- 55 %
31/35 cm (300/500 g ) +/- 25 %
36/43 cm (500/900 g ) +/- 10 %
Tolerance size  -/+ 20 %
Tolerance total weight +/- 10 %

Consult us for Mauritania horse mackerel

Chile seafood

Chile seafood

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