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Chile super prime fishmeal for exportation

Chile super prime fishmeal for exportation

From one of Chile's major fishmeal producer (about 35.000 MT production per year)

3 qualities are produced
- Super prime: + 68 % protein
- Prime: 68 % protein
- Standard:  66 - 68 % protein

The super prime quality is about 85% of the production and we have available for export about 1,500 MT per month

Due to the diminution of the fishmeal availabilities on international markets we propose monthly deliveries agreements.

Prices are quoted monthly the 1st.

Minimum order is 25MT in 50 kg bags

 Fishmeal average specification

  Protein Moisture Fat Sand & salt Free Fatty Acid TVN Histamine
  % min. % max % max. % max.  % max. mg/100gr max. ppm max.
Super Prime 68+ 10 10 4 7.5 120 500
Prime 68 10 10 - 10 120 1000
Standard 66-68 10 10 - 10 120 -

Consult us for Morocco and Mauritania fishmeal

Chile seafood
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Chile seafood

Chile seafood

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