Selection of export products and services from the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay + Bolivia and Chile) Import-export and sourcing Africa, China, India, Asia, Americas and Europe | Export products and services from the Mercosur and the Americas
Slection de produits et services export du Mercosur

Selection of export products and services from South America Mercosur
Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile and others from the Nafta

Seafood and by-products

Mercosur seafood including frozen horse mackerel

Chile frozen whole HG salmo salar and salmon filets

Chile frozen salmon blocks / Salmo salar for food industry

Whole HGT swordfish, swordfish loins and swordfish portions (Xiphias gladius)

Chile IQF Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus Eleginoides

Chile IQF oilfish fillets, Lepidocibyum Flavobrunneum

Chile and Peru IQF horse mackerel (Trachurus Murphyi)

Chile and Peru whole frozen mackerel and filets (Scomber japonicus

Canada smoked herring and salted herring
Canada salted alewife

Canada dried salted cod

Chile frozen jumbo flying squids (Dosidicus Gigas)

Chile frozen octopus

Chile fresh and frozen scallops

Chile frozen mussels and Tawera gayi clams

Chile abalones and Tumbao clams Tumbao

Chile IQF cooked White Crab claws (cancer edwardsii)

South America raw frozen sea water shrimps & shrimps tails

Chile convenience food canned horse mackerel

Chile live Helix Aspersa snailsFish by products

Chile super prime fishmeal

Meat products

Brazil frozen chicken

Argentina frozen chicken and chicken cuts

Brazil frozen beef cuts

Brazil corned beef, luncheon meat, corned beef loaf and other canned or frozen beef products

Argentina frozen beef and corned beef

Canada frozen pork hind feet and pickled pork hind feet

Mercosur food products and drinks

Ready to drink long life juices from Argentina in tetra bricks


Argentina sunflower and soybean oils

Chile olives in bulk

Brazil dried beans and leguminous

Uruguay wheat flour from Uruguay

Chile export foodstuffs
such as olives, delicatessen, fine cuisine canned snails, canned seafood, sparking wines...

Argentina wafers, cookies and fruit cakes

Argentina kids cookies

Chile fresh fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, cherries, apples, pears, fresh grape and kiwis
for Europe and North America off-season, from October to May

Chile IQF strawberries, blackberries and raspberries

Chile concentrated fruit juices
apple, white grape, red grape, raspberry and plum concentrated juices

Argentina ready to drink long life fruit juices in tetra bricks
Also light juices and soybean milk drinks with fruits

Argentina tetra bricks long life UHT milk

Mercosur commodities

Argentina and other Americas origin wheat and cereals for bulk deliveries

Brazil refined white cane sugar Icumsa 45 for 12.500 MT deliveries

Brazil refined white sugar Incumsa 45 and Incumsa 150 for container deliveries stating 100MT deliveries

Brazil white cane sugar Incumsa 45 in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg and 50kg bags starting 25 MT deliveries

Brazil agro commodities such as soybean and yellow corn for human consumption

North America products & services selection

Compact potable water treatment plants (Canada)

Worldwide professional second hand vessels for sale

Canada small and large potable portable water treatment plants

Canada small portable sawmills

Canada portable logs debarkers

America white cedar decking, duckboard, clapboard and tiles for roofing

Canada wooden Euro pallets and customized pallets types

Canada professional and yachting unsinkable inflatable boats from 20 to 50 feet

Canada USA specialized shipping agent towards Africa, Asia and Europe

Canada second hand laptops and computers spare parts

Canada best nutrion solutions for animals breeding

All Hispanic markets targeted translation

English and French into Spanish translation customized for any Hispanic marketOther Americas products &

Whole Americas products & services offers index

Americas agro exports 
agriculture and foodstuffs

Americas fruits and vegetables
dairy products

Americas seafood and by-products

Americas meat, poultry and associate products

Americas drinks
Wines and sprits
Juices, concentrated fruit juices and puree

Americas 1
food processing industry equipments & associate
machinery, machine plants and industrial products
forestry equipments
ethanol and chemicals

Wood, forestry, plants and by products

precast construction and building materials
potable water treatment plants

Americas 1.1
industrial cooling equipments 
air conditioning

Americas 2
computers & electronics. office supplies
telephones /  international callback & VOIP services
Web satellite connection

Medical and associates
medical equipments & drugs
health care facilities
perfumes, cosmetics and hygiene products

Americas 3
railways equipments & services
steel scrap
trailers / cars & heavy duty equipments
automotive supplies
boats / transport & freight

Americas 4
textiles, clothing & shoes
commercial translation services
general trade, household & miscellaneous products and services

Americas importation requests

Other export selections

China and Asia export selection

Africa export selection

Europe export selection

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Used vessels and maritime containers

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