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Ivory Coast round square teak logs & teak logs export offer

Ivory Coast teak round square logs
Ivory Coast teak logs sawmill

Located in Abidjan we are an Ivory Coast Canadian wood exporter focussing on teak logs trade.

We can supply large quantities of teak logs containers in reliable conditions and good prices

You can watch below 3 teak logs containers examples.

For your info you can check:
a typical teak logs container information with the complete spec about all the loaded logs. See (1.2 Mo .pdf document)
a detailed example of two containers of teak round square logs. See ( 3.5 Mo .pdf document)

Machine cut with a high rate of cubic meter per container 20-22 CBM allowance 1cm on girth.

We seek mainly customers for long term business relationships in Asia, Europe and North America.

Feel free to contact us for any technical or commercial information.

We welcome visitors in Abidjan and can manage for them any local facilities.

Ivory Coast teak logs and square teak logs containers examples

Square teak logs containers

Ivory Coast teak logs container

Direct contact form

Your personal contact in Abidjan will be Mr Rabih Jamal