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South-Africa apples, pears, fresh grapes, peaches, plums, mangoes and citrus

South-Africa apples, pears, fresh grapes, peaches, plums, mangoes and citrus for exportation

Fresh grape Apples Citrus Pears Plums, peaches &
nectarines ...

We are an established company, trading in premium fruit. Our head office is based in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

However, the main operations take place on the large number of fertile orchards that we have sourced across Africa. Year after year, we have provide the International community with the finest in African fruit. We are a direct exporter towards Europe, Asia and Africa, in partnership with several major producers.

There are over 360 companies which export fruits in South-Africa.
Our honor is to offer the best best quality-to-price ratio and reliable services for:

Apples: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Starking and Top Red / Red Chief

Pears: Bon Chretien, Forelle Packham and Anjou Red

Fresh grape: red grape, black grape and white grape

Citrus:  oranges, easy to peel citrus, clementine, grapefruit, lemon and lime

Plums, peaches, nectarines and mangoes

We export also South-Africa avocados and Mauritius litchis

South Africa fruits export information

Packaging and standard count: see each fruit page

Season: see each fruit page

Usual payments
Cash before shipping, TT, LC

Phytosanitary certificate will be provided and guarantee passed for export by the South African Perishable Control Board with certification
SGS control available at buyers cost.

We guarantee importers to get the quality they pay for and reliable deliveries.
Numerous business references

You are welcome for any request of information

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South-Africa Fruits exporter
Cape Town - South Africa
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The fruit colors on photos are strictly indicative