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Tropical plants and medicinal herbs from West Africa

West Africa tropical plants and medicinal herbs direct exporter

Bixa Orellana fruits

Griffonia simplicifolia Affery

Our company from Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, is collector and exporter for over 15 years many tropical plants & medicinal herbs from West Africa:

We are direct collector and exporter without any middleman. We export large quantities of annatto seeds.
We guarantee the highest quality of all our products.
We export FOB or CIF towards any country
We get good business references and  we export already to Germany, Belgium, China Spain, France and Italy
Any precise request is welcome


Crop season

Afromomum Malegueta.K.Schum

October to February

Ageratum Conyzoides.Linn

July to September

Alchornea Cordifolia.Mull

July to November

Anarcadium  Occidentale.Llinn

All year long

Anchomanes Difformis.Engl

April to November

Amaranthus Spinosus. Linn

March to November

Boerhavia Diffusa. Linn

May to November

Bixa Orellana

December to May

Butyrospernum Parkii. G.Don

July to October

Cajanus Cajan. Linn


Calotropis Procera. Ait

April to October

Carica Papaya. Linn

March to November

Cassia Alata. Linn

April to November

Cassia Occidental. Linn

March to December

Catharanthus Roseus

May to November

Centella Asiatica Linn

May to October

Heliotropium Indicum. Linn

March to October

Cola Nitida. Schott Et Endl

October to February

Costus Afer. Ker-Gawl

May to November

Desmoduim Ascendens. Dc

April to end of to November

Euphorbia Hirta. Linn

May to November

Garcina Kola. Heckel


Griffonia Simplifolia. Baill

November to April

Fagara Zanthoxyloides. Lam

All year long

MitracarpusScaber. Zucc.

March to October

Mormordica Charantia. Linn

April to end of to November

Khaya Senegalinsis. A. Juss

All year long

Kigella Africana. Benth

October to March

Lippia Multiflora. Moldenke

June to November

Mangifera Indicum. Linn

All year long

Mucuna Pruriens. Dc

December to March

Ocimum Gratissimum. Linn

March to November

Palisota Hirsuta. K. Schum

May to November

Phylanthus Amarus. Schum Et Thonn

March to October

Pycnanthus Angolensis. Welw

All year long

Ricinodendron Heudelotii. Baill

October to January

Scoparias Dulcis. Linn

April to Ocober

Spondia Mombin. Linn

All year long

Tephrosia Vogelii. Hook.

May to November

Thaumatococcus Daniellii. Benth (powder)

All year long


TremaGuineensis. Schum Et Thonn

March to November

Some tropical plants exclusive photos

Main West Africa medicinal plants & seasons

Several plants are exported only for firm orders received before the crop season

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