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Burkina Faso export organic dried red hot pepper piri-piri type

From over 250 acres certified organic red hot peppers plantations we offer yearly 500 MT Ecocert certified, starting October

Quality: Burkina red hot pepper naturally dried (African Capsicum frutescens) called pili pili in West Arica

Average usual specifications
- Length: 1,4 to 3 cm
- Foreign matter: 0,25-0,50% max
- Defective: 8-15% max
- Colour: mostly red
- 100,000 -325,000 on Scoville scale

Dried protected from sun
Packing: 50kg bags

Schedule of availabilities: 100 MT per month starting October

Payment: by irrevocable confirmed L/C with payment on presenting of forwarding agent certificate.

We invite concerned importers to contact us now to receive regularly information about development of the cultivation and organic certification

Also available round hot pepper. 4-5 cm length and 3-4 cm diameter

For Ivory Coast dried hot pepper consult us

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