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Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods, vanilla seeds and vanilla powder

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla from Sava area

We are a bourbon vanilla processing company from Sambava in Sava region, North-East of Madagascar island,  with a 50 tonnes storage capacity. Our expertise in vanilla from the crop to the customers and our high quality allow us to be a major player in vanilla business in Madagascar and international markets.
We specialized in high quality products deliveries for small or medium size orders
For a better service we have a sale department in France

For example we supply in Paris famous companies such as Ritz hotel, Louis Bertillon ice-cream-maker, Atelier des Chefs ...

Vanilla pods only from pure Bourbon vanilla
According to our customers needs we supply also vanilla powder, vanilla oleoresin and vanilla seeds.

Bourbon vanilla pods
Five qualiteies: Black Goumet, Black TK, Black split, Red superior and Red split
Two sizes: over 14cm and over 17cm

Only Sava region (North-East of Madagascar)

3- Crop season and production time
There is only one crop per year. The vanilla is collected green from June to August depending the area and the weather conditions
Then the vanilla pods are prepared during about 3 months and the pods become dark (red to black) depending the maturity of the pods when there are picked, the quality of the preparation and the good drying duration.

3- Average specification

Product Size cm Vanillin % Humidity%
Black pods 14+ 17+ 2,1 % 35 %
TK pods 14+ 17+ 2,1 % 26,2 %
Red pods 14+ 17+ 1,6 % 34 %
Seeds - 1,6 % 0%

Bulk, 250 g iron boxes, 250g vacuum, glass or plastic jars with 50 pods (125 to 175g), 2 pods tubes
For wholesale importers available packaging in 5kg vacuum boxes and 30kg wooden boxes

Minimum order
No minimum for post-paid deliveries from France
From Madagascar:
Africa 100kg
Asia - Australia 200kg
Europe except France 150kg
USA & Canada 200kg

Sales conditions
FOB or post-paid any destination

Reference to remind please: Madag-vanilla
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