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Madagascar cocoa beans for export

  Madagascar cocoa pods   Madagascar cocoa pods Forastero type

We are a cocoa beans producer and exporter from Ambanja in North-East of Madagascar.

We produce Forastero, Criollo and Trinitario types cocoa beans.
We don't use chemicals in our plantations.
Because of our high quality we offer for export only about 1200 metric tons per year.

Season: all year long but higher quantities in August-September and January-February

Sambirano area 3 varieties of cocoa

1. Forastero:
Green pods, yellow when mature, ovale-shaped, no deep rows, dense and hard shell, flat purple almonds. This variety is about 50% of the production
Forastero trees are hearty, disease resistant and very prolific, and so unlike the delicate, less economical and now rare Criollos, Forasteros have flourished

2. Criollo:
Green or red pods before mature, verrucous, elongate shape with deep rows, thin and soft shell, white almonds
This variety is about 15 to 20% of the production
Criollo types all share characteristics such as the pale white cotyledons, the round bean shape and the complex yet mellow flavor. Unfortunately, Criollo trees produce few pods

3. Trinitario:
Trinitario is really just a natural cross between the Criollo and Forastero varietals and was created essentially by accident.
This variety is about 30-35% of the production

Nota: the Sambirano is the trade name of the cocoa from Sambirano area et No1 is the mention for one of the world best quality cocoa


qualiteies: standard, superior and washed superior.

This cocoa beans are very carefully prepared to open pods, for fermentation, drying and storage

Humidity 7% max
Purple beans 7% max
Broken,+ mites appearance + germinated + flat beans 3% maximum
Slaty 3% maximum
Mold 3% maximum

Bean count 90 -100 beans per 100 grams.

Superior washed
Same than superior but beans are washed in a basin before drying

Rustic preparation with several qualiteies

Humidity 8% max
Purple beans over 7%
Broken,+ mites appearance + germinated + flat beans 3% maximum
Slaty 3% maximum
Mold 3% maximum

Bean count less or equal 100 beans per 100 grams.

Feel free to consult us to know our availabilities.

Important notice

The basic rule in cocoa beans professional market is
The seller issues an offer with quality, quantity, delivery time, other useful information and delivery out of warehouses price or, little a FOB or CIF price.
The buyer has a maximum 24 hours delay to reply with a LOI or any relevant document to confirm his agreement; then the buyer must pay cash (Swift) within 2-3 days, except if he is well known in the cocoa trade market.
If you cannot work according this rule we probably cannot help you.

Our reference to remind please: MG3898 or mg-cocoa
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