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Madagascar spices in rosewood boxes
Organic or standard quality spices

Our range of spices includes organic certified or standard cinnamon, white pepper, black pepper, pink pepper, ginger, curcuma, 3 mixed berries, clove, coriander, small hot red pepper, nutmeg and extra quality vanilla pods.

Vitana wood racks with 20cl spices glass bottles

6 x 20 cl bottles, packed weight 2.45 kg

Rosewood boxes with spices 20cl glass bottles
Customized logo upon request

4x 20 cl bottles, packed weight 2.7 kg

6 x 20 cl bottles,
packed weight 3.9 kg

8 x 20 cl bottles,
packed weight 5.1 kg

10 x 20 cl bottles + vanilla pods
packed weight 6.8 kg

All spices are available organic Ecocert certified or standard quality

Net weight of product according the packaging reference

Madagascar spices introduction and contact