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Madagascar spices for export in rosewood boxes
Organic or standard quality spices

Vanilla or cinnamon rosewood racks


Cinnamon rosewood box ref. BGC; cinnamon rolls
Vanilla rosewood box: ref. BGC; 80g extra quality vanilla pods
Included rosewood racks
Packing in cartons (possibility of customized logo)

4 rosewood spices boxes with rack


Rosewood box ref BPM: spices according your choice
Included rosewood rack
Plateau de support en palissandre
Packing in cartons (possibility of customized logo)

Cinnamon rosewood boxes

Spices rosewood boxes

Products for the boxes


Net weight

Box 10 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm


- Cinnamon powder

40 g

- Black pepper grinded

60 g

- Black pepper whole

60 g

- Black pepper pounded

45 g

- White pepper grinded

60 g

- White pepper whole

60 g

- Pink pepper

30 g

- Ginger powder

50 g

- Curcuma powder

50 g

- Mixed 3 berries

55 g

- Clove

40 g

- Coriander

20 g

- Whole small red pepper

30 g

- Nutmegs

45 g

Box 20 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm


- Cinnamon rolls 15 cm


- Vanilla pods 16 cm

80 g

Box details

Minimum 100 pieces with possibility to mix models

All spices are available organic Ecocert certified or standard quality

Net weight of product according the packaging reference

Madagascar spices introduction and contact