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Madagascar retail packaging spices

Madagascar retail packaging spices in rosewood display units, rosewood boxes or caskets
Organic certified or standard quality Madagascar spices

Madagascar spices rosweood display units Madagascar spices rosewood boxes Madagascar vanilla rosewood casket Madagascar spices rosewood casket
Display units Spices boxes Vanilla caskets Spices caskets

We are producer of spices in Mananjary, south-east coast of Madagascar, since 1991

Our range of spices includes organic certified or standard cinnamon, white pepper, black pepper, pink pepper, ginger, curcuma, 3 mixed berries, clove, coriander, small hot red pepper, nutmeg and extra quality vanilla pods.

We distribute our products towards 40 point of sale in Madagascar. We export for 5 years towards Japan and Europe our standard and organic spices. Our target is not to supply huge quantities but to favor quality

Our spices are ready for retail in rosewood display units with sets of spices, in rosewood boxes, in 20cl glass bottles in rosewood caskets, in single serving cartons and in 10 small bags sets

We seek mainly new markets for our processed products ready for retail

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