Horticultural raffia and decoration raffia for export from Madagascar

Madagascar horticultural raffia, decoration raffia and basketry raffia for export

Vatomadry bush

Madagascar raffia introduction

Our raffia fiber is obtained from the raffia palm tree of Madagascar. The raffia palm (Raphia farinifera or R. ruffia) is made of long leaves that can attain 60 ft (18 m) in length. Each raffia palm branch is made of nearly 100 leaflets. The raffia fiber is soft, pliable, and strong.

We have a large exclusive area to collect raffia around Vatomadry, 6 hours from Antananarivo.

We collect, process carefully and export horticultural raffia, decoration raffia and basketry raffia.

Our raffia is prepared in strands, balls, sticks, strands... with several weight and lengths

Packaging: bulk packing or in plastic bags with or without labels; according needs upon request

Colors: natural or colored; we refer to Pentone with +/- 2 nuances.

Sizes and weight options for raffia & export information

Examples of our Madagascar raffia fibers

Raffia carrot 100g

Raffia carrot 100g in plastic bag

Raffia ball 100g

Raffia hank 100g

Raffia hank 100-250g with plastic bag

Raffia hank 250g with plastic bag

Raffia carrot 1 kg and raffia ponytail 1kg (red)

Other raffia products information

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