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Madagascar whole quick frozen octopus vulgaris for export

Madagascar octopus vulgaris before freezing
Madagascar frozen octopus in 10kg blocks

We offer all year long for export from Madagascar whole quick frozen Octopus Vulgaris.
Same quality than Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania with competitive prices.
Daily fishing octopus, once quick freeze (gutted, without beak and eyes)

Option: octopus can be beaten/soften and IQF ''flower presentation" (see photo below)

Origin: FAO 51.

Frozen whole in 10 kg blocks
Packing: 2 blocks per carton

T1 = over 4,5 kg (very few),
T2 = 3 - 4,5 kg,
T3 = 2 - 3 kg,
T4 = 1,5 - 2 kg,
T5 = 1,2 - 1,5 kg,
T6 = 0,8 - 1,2 kg,
T7 = 0,5 - 0,8 kg,
T8 = 0,3 - 0,5 kg,
T9 = 0,2 - 0,3 kg

Quantity: 4 to 5 containers monthly, all sizes
Nota only +/- 15 % size T1 and T2

The loading port is Diego Suarez (Madagascar)

IQF ''flower presentation" octopus

IQF ''flower presentation" octopus

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