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Traditional African Handicrafts and Goods from Ghana

We supply various African handicrafts and general goods like beads manufactured by professionally trained experts, to ensure the best quality product is sold to the international market Art Work of contemporary conception, design and Production: Paintings, Carvings and Sculptures made of Wood, Fabric, Metal, Stone and Jewelry. All types of Baskets made of Straw (Bolga), Wicket, Rattan, Palm, Branch Strips, Slat, Bast Fiber, etc. of recent manufacture. Articles made of Straw Raffan, Kenaf, Bamboo, Raffia and Willow. Print - Type simulated Kente, and all  objects made of it, such as Hand Bags,  Purses, Jackets, Anoraks, etc. Woven Kente  of recent manufacture in all forms of usage  and applications, from neckties through traditional wear outfits. All items of the Royalty and Chiefly regalia. Kente accessories, Kente Strips, KenteStoles, Kente Bags, Kente Head Bands, Kente Earings, Kente Ties and Cummerbands, Kente Garments, Kente Footwear, Kente Caps, Kente Bracelet.

We ship all products above from Ghana , hence you are guaranteed the best deal.

Time Delivery
We deliver within 2 -3 days using UPS services. You could also advice on which service you might prefer for shipment.

Conditions of Payment
We usually  prefer credit card, money order or bank transfer .Payment methods could also be decided upon with our consultation. This is done to give the most / best means of payment most suitable to the buyer. other useful information the buyer has to know We could offer samples on large orders (Please contact via email for details) eg kente strips for graduations/ special ceremonies or choirs etc.


Adipa Enterprise
Bertrand Adams
P.O.BOX AN 8190  Accra North
phone: +233- 24 52 58 11
fax: +233-24 52 58 11

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