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Ivory Coast Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds

Griffonia Simplicifolia dried pods
Griffonia Simplicifolia pods and seeds
Griffonia Simplicifolia dried seeds
Griffonia Simplicifolia
dried pods
Griffonia Simplicifolia
green seeds & shells
Griffonia Simplicifolia
dried seeds

We are a direct Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds collector in the central Ivory Coast bush around Daoukro.

Starting the end of November we export every year seeds by 500kg minimum batches

Main feature:
- well dried
- black coated at the back,
- greendish gold inside,
- meaty pulp to extract L-5-HTP

Packing in 60kg jute bags; PP bags upon request

SGS or Veritas control upon request at buyer cost

Samples available with DHL, Fedex or Chronopost; courrier fees at customer cost

Delivery port: Abidjan
FOB or CIF deliveries

Important information: as the prices rise when Ghanian traders come in Ivory Coast bush at the bigining of December we recommend to overseas importers to make some revervation before the season crop starts..

Our reference to remind please: ci- Griffonia
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