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Ghana organic sweet Cayenne fresh pineapples

Organic sweet Cayenne pineapples

We are a specialized West Africa organic fruits producer and exporter with plantations in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo

We offer Ecocert certified organic fresh pineapple all year long

1.2kg = 10 fruits in a box
1.5kg = 8 fruits in a box
1.8kg = 7 fruits in a box
 2.0kg = 6 fruits in a box.

Export cartons 10 or 12kg

1) Container
Minimum order: one 20ft container
2 weeks FOB delivery time)

2) Airway delivery
Minimum: 1000kg

SGS control available at buyers cost.

Free but DHL delivery fees paid by buyer.

Nota: to offer the best quality the pineapples could be Ecocert certified from Togo plantation

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